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We discussed in the dressing room while getting ready to start our shift. She asked me, “Do you really think everything happens for a reason?” I said, “I do, but sometimes shit just happens.” She came at me again, “So if everything happens for a reason why are we going to go out there then again? This is really just bullshit and pretending to like someone I don’t care about.” As I slipped on my new 8 inch boots and tightened them almost a little too tight, feeling the sharp pain of my pinky toe squeezed against my fourth toe, I explained to her, “I think every woman dances for a different reason. Of course, we are all here to make a buck, make a living, improve our lives financially, but there can be even meaning and purpose in this. But every woman has to find her own way through this maze of seduction, humiliation, admiration, torture, and sometimes even fun.” She looked me dead straight in the eye and asked almost with a mean undertone, “So Misses Jones, what’s your purpose when you go out there and shake your tiny ass and giant boobs?” I replied confidently, “It is always the same thing for me no matter what I do. Whether I acted on stage, in a movie, sang in a church, write, teach yoga, or help someone train a dog, or shake my ass on stage: my mission is to make people feel! It’s the only way to trigger a positive change in this world.”

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A body in motion will capture the audience like a thriller on screen. Whether her motions are slow and hypnotic, or erratic and surprising, dance is a captivating expression which will enhance and uplift appearance. It doesn’t matter what shape or weight, a moving body is irresistible to the audience member if he’s willing to dive into her movement, engage and dedicating his attention to her, and willing to leave the outside world behind for the duration of her dance. Dance can transport you, into many magical worlds if you let the dancer get under your skin.

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When death once more
Rolls through my door
I want to pack my bags and roll the dice
Like disturbed, stressed out mice
It sometimes hit so unexpectedly and fast
Or drags along and too long lasts
But leaving death behind is not an option
It follows you no matter where you go like a concoction
Like a magnet solid it sticks
But plays some cruel and shocking tricks
The ones that need to find relief
Are forced to stay and cannot leave
The others that should live and laugh
Die like a one day fly that’s trapped
So we sit it out again and wait
Until they grant entrance at heaven’s gate

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I don’t recognize myself at all …

Photo by JMichaelHPhotography

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I myself have fallen under the spell

Trapped somewhere in between heaven and hell

Quaking on the devil’s floor 

Many times he tried to turn me into a dirty whore 

Flying like an angel hovering above the stage 

I defy gravity like a sacred sage 

Deciding which side I will choose 

Wondering what I might lose 

Below me dollars litter the floor 

Is it because they manipulate or adore 

A decade of dancing 

I’m still prancing 

Just hoping once more 

To walk with a good night’s take out the door 
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No doubt, pole dancing is simply the hottest form of exercise you can choose. Even if you are one of the people who says, “I just pole dance to stay in shape,” you cannot deny that this form of movement turns you on, brings you to life, and makes you feel hot. There’s nothing that compares to pole dancing. The floor work is smooth and sensual, the pole tests your strength and turns you into an acrobat without even thinking about it. There’s no cheating when you pole dance — you can’t slack on your negative rep — otherwise you might break your neck. You can’t just say, “Oh, today I’m just going to climb the pole half-heartedly and invert a little.” It’s all or nothing, and that’s why it gives you the incredible results. You build strength quickly and will look amazing if you even just dedicate three hours a week to a pole dancing class which should be a well rounded workout with a warm-up to get you ready for the pole, the actual time on the pole, and the cool down where you stretch the muscles and rehabilitate the joints (the pole is one of the harshest aerial equipment).
However, when it comes to pole dancing at the club in front of actual audience it brings it all up a notch. There’s nothing well rounded about this experience. You kick ass when the railing is full. It’s pole dancing paired with HIIT … and the more it rains the more you step on the gas, the more tricks you pull (floor work and up in the air), and the higher the intensity will get. Nothing compares to pole dancing in the club. The 4-8 minutes on stage can be intense and you can have between 3-16 sets on stage (I have worked in clubs with two stages, doing two songs per stage). It’s the ultimate pole dancing HIIT experience. And sometimes, when you’re done you can barely crawl into your stretches after your scorching shower to make sure you’re able to at least turn your head from right to left when you get up in the morning to do it all over again. Pole dancing in the strip club is intense, even dangerous, and addictive.

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In this day and age, the only way to stay sane is to connect to nature. — A.A. Jones

Photo by RKennedy, @rysiken_photo

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