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There is a guy at my club who visits regularly and hangs out with us strippers, plays pool with some of the girls, and it feels as if he doesn’t discriminate against us strippers. We all like him a lot and always swarm around him like bees around a flower. It’s so much fun to see him, and it feels good to be seen as a normal woman, and not a money hungry stripper who you can buy. It is refreshing to see that there are men out there that understand our job is part of the entertainment industry, and it is just a job.

When that happens, when I actually do meet a man who can see that I am a human being, I stop treating him like a customer and the relationship turns more into a casual friendship.

All of us girls look forward when this man comes to visit. It’s nice to be treated with respect.

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imageLove stays alive with the little things that can make a huge difference. For all the ones that I include in my circle of trust and love, not one day goes by that I don’t think how I can make their life a little better, cheer them up, or pull them for a moment out of their monotone routine and all the have to’s. This is what I think makes life worth living.

For example, when I have a very good night at the club, I cannot stop thinking how I will stop by at the little health food store the next day, to buy my dogs a few packages of organic meat so they can get only the best of the best. I wish I could feed them organic meat all the time, because it’s healthier for them and because I prefer feeding them meat of animals that enjoyed a quality life before they had to die. If my night goes well, other lives are effected positively as well.

I never work any of my jobs thinking what I will buy for myself. My focus is always on how I can make the lives of the ones I love the most better.

In this time and age with email, text, and internet, it is so easy to do something special for your loved ones. My little brain always comes up with new surprises and funny stories to bring joy and imagination. I never rest and always create inspired by love.

Maybe today, I can inspire you to do something special for the person you love the most. The thought is what counts, and sometimes, a simple gesture makes all the difference. Don’t be afraid to bring your imagination to life.

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Men as well as women confess to me all the time, that once they are with their partner for some time, the desire for sex with that same partner starts fading. The issue seems to be even worse once the couple has moved in with each other or even took the extra step to get married.

I recently read a study conducted by Dr. Dietrich Klusmann from Universitaetsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf that confirms that after one year in a relationship the frequency of intercourse drops drastically. The study also reports that if women didn’t want to have sex the couple would not go through with intercourse, yet, that if men weren’t in the mood most of the times it would still come to intercourse. Interesting huh? But anyway, I don’t want to report the details about this interesting study, I actually want to tell you what I have found out about this subject listening and talking to many men and women.

Apparently, it seems to me that living together can be the biggest turn off altogether. Well, it’s not easy to see your partner at its worst, and I think most men and women get so comfortable around each other, they turn into human piglets and behave like cro magnon. Not a big turn on to see your man launching with stinky feet and greasy hair on the couch while drinking a beer and watching football after he just took a dump in the toilet without removing the brown bacon stripes of his toilet visit.

While he’s probably not looking forward to her morning breath and sweatpants, since he knew her when dating, only in sexy lingerie and cute outfits. But I do discover that men aren’t as picky as women are. Cro Magnon again. Men’s tolerance for piggy behavior seems to be much higher than women’s tolerance.

If you ask me, in my ideal world, I would like to date the man of my dreams for the rest of my life. Because when you date someone you get the best part of them, but when you live with someone, you actually get the worst part of them. Your partner comes home exhausted and upset at the end of a tiring work day, while at home a nagging wife awaits him because the kids were misbehaving and she had to change diapers all day long. Everybody is wearing their nerves thin, and there is no time to take a moment to yourself to even just take a breath. The effort to be at your best goes down or maybe it is impossible to maintain to be at your best in sickness as in health, in good times and in bad times, till death do you part.

A lot of my friends accuse me that I want to live in a fantasy world forever and refuse to get to know my partner and who he really is, and with that I will miss out on real closeness. That might be true, but I prefer to get only the best side of my partner and offer him the same, my best side. I feel, only if I am at my best and centered, will I be able to offer my best even when challenges arrive. And having time to myself is a very important part for me to be at my best and stay true to myself.

After all, even the queen and kings lived in separate palaces or sections of the palace.

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I had just taken my last stage for the night and walked out of the dressing room to thank everybody who tipped me and to see if I could still catch a lap dance or two before my shift was over, as two kids caught my eye right away. They must have just entered the club while I was still in the dressing room. They were both in their mid twenties and looked a little shy. I walked up to them and introduced myself and asked, “Where are you guys from.” Both answered almost simultaneously as if they had practiced this answer on cue many times, “We are from Tuscon, and we just moved to L. A.” I replied, “Cool, how did you find this place? Did you Google us, someone told you about this club, or did you guys just drive by?” Both of them blushed, and the blond kid answered reluctantly, “We were looking for this other club and kinda got lost, but we drove by and had to go pee so bad … so we basically had no choice but to come in to use the restroom.”

This is hilarious to me, and I kind of appreciate the young man’s honestly, although, it’s not really what most guys look for when they visit a strip club, but it is a good reason not to pass the little club I dance at when lost in the area.

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I find it very interesting that in the United States all holidays are related to food and drinking. I understand that people are happy to get the day off and it’s another opportunity to party, but I find it awkward, that on a day like Memorial Day, where we are suppose to be reminded of the ones that gave their life for their country, most people will barbeque and get drunk. I wonder if they do it to cope with their life situation, to numb the pain about the ones they loved the most and have to learn to live without, or just because it’s another opportunity to get wasted and drown the brain in ignorance.

I am not trying to be a party pooper, I am just voicing what feels strange to me. Where I come from, we have a day to honor the dead as well, but we actually used to fast and be silent, spent time in peace with the family, and honored the ones that moved on.

Well today, I honor all my dead ones. And although, I would never wish them back onto this earth, it’s still hard for me to live without them, but I do look forward to them picking me up when I am finally ready to cross over. Till then, I’ll not join the barbeques because I know any piece of food would get suck in my throat considering the type of holiday, and instead, I will be with the ones that I love the most, that are still with me and sooth my soul every day by just being who their truly are.

Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day … any way you want.

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Apparently, most men claim, “I have never paid for sex.” Especially, married men are convinced of this fact. I have a different opinion about that.

Even in cave man times, women accepted gifts (at that time, gifts were mainly food) in exchange for sexual favors from multiple lovers in order to be able to raise their offspring. Even back then, the primitive human brain understood that sex is a give and take. But now a days, the civilized man thinks, he’s not paying for sex. Well, let me tell you something, if you aren’t paying for sex, then in my opinion, you are a selfish ass who doesn’t want to give anything back. Isn’t giving what you want to do for people who make you feel good?

In the end, we all pay for sex, and the very few who get it without giving back anything can go to hell. Shame on them.

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He is in his late 40s and he has become a regular at the club now. He always does lap dances with ChubbyBrunet and TallBlond. He always rushes back from the lap dance booth to make sure not to miss my stage performance, and he tips me a few bucks. I appreciate him, although, he’s not very generous with me, but I just always thought, I am just not his type and anything a man can contribute is appreciated. He keeps telling me, “I loooove watching you on stage.” And that’s fine with me.

But the last time I saw him at the club, he did 4 lap dances with TallBlond and then asked me for a lap dance. I agreed, and I was surprised how gropy and disrespectful he started behaving during my lap dance. I had seen, he was perfectly tame with the other two girls. Then he tells me, “The dance with you was everything and more I expected.” I am disgusted about our wrestling lap dance, but still walk him back to his chair, and then he blows the bomb, “What do you do on your nights off and when are you not working?” I don’t think much and answer innocently, since he only did one dance with me, “My only night off is Monday, and I write.” Mr. Gropy answers boldly, “How about dinner next Monday night?” I cannot believe my ears, and what I just heard. He spent all his money on TallBlond, granted me one measly dance, misbehaved, and now he has the audacity to ask me out for dinner, which actually, translates with this guy into him paying for my meal in exchange for sex. I bite my tongue and walk away.

In the dressing room, I ask ChubbyBrunet and TallBlond to confirm my suspicion, “Hey, how does Mr. Gropy behave with you guys during the lap dances and has he ever asked you out for dinner?” Both girls say, “Oh, he’s well behaved and never asked me out.”

Nice, so Mr. Gropy thinks he can get a cheap fuck out of me. Disrespectful idiot who has underestimated me. But I will get my chance to teach him a lesson sooner than later.

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