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“I am a petite woman and always used to looking up at people. For me it’s always been about the shoes. The higher the heel the more confident I felt. Even when I was acting,  I was never completely sure about a character until I picked her shoes. I slip into my clear six-inch stilettos, and the shoes give me permission to be the seductress, the temptress.” –excerpt from Tilt

Adrienne Allison Jones was a young European actress who came to the United States with nothing and nothing to lose.  Heartbroken, she thought, if not love, at least Los Angeles may bring her success. The idea that the city could swallow her whole gave her courage. But the city didn’t destroy her instead it offered her the American dream.  A handsome husband, a home in a desirable zip code and a family of rescued canine children. She believed her life was full and whole.

The only dark mark  in the perfect picture was her husband’s pursuit of more.  Jim was chasing his own American dream-bigger, better, always more. Allison set her mind to take care of the problem and ease Jim’s stress about their compounding debt.  She started taking jobs, one after another trying to bring in more income. Her dream of acting placed on hold, Allison cast herself  in the role of the perfect wife. And for eleven years, she played this part masterfully until another job came her way. It seemed to be the perfect solution. A job made for a classically trained stage performer. An audition at amateur night in a fully nude strip club proved Allison had what it took to make this job the solution to their financial problems.

Allison kept a diary as she worked through reconciling the two halves of her life. Her role as Allison, the righteous housewife, and Jones, the siren stripper and seductress. Stripping off layers, exposing skin, Allison discovered she had buried more than just her dream of acting. Her four months as a stripper revealed the truth about her marriage, her inner most desires, and who she really is – much more than just the perfect housewife.