Customer Type List

  1. No Hardy: He can’t get it up with his wife or girlfriend and comes to the club in order to run home with his hard on, so he can perform.
  2. Modern Eunich: His previous relationships (including the one he might currently have) emasculated him completely. He comes to the club to feel like a man, to be in charge, and feel a sense of power and control.
  3. Oldie: The sixty plus crowd whose taste for young pussy is insatiable. He craves the young girl, her taste, her company, her attention and has the money to secure her.
  4. Perv: He has some type of perversion. Either he is a pedophile or into some fetish (like sucking toes, being physically or emotionally abused). He feels normal and accepted the moment he steps into the club.
  5. Girlfriend Spotter: He is looking for a girl he can continue a relationship with outside of the club. Note: He can be single or married. Most likely if he is single he is socially awkward. If he’s married, he’s not fulfilled, but in total denial and too scared to leave his wife.
  6. Powersicko: Very rich! And that is his only power. Most likely a very ugly, disfigured, possibly handicapped man. Money buys him what he can’t otherwise have.
  7. Curioso: Has never been in a club before. The virgin lap dancer.
  8. Degrader: He really hates himself and needs to degrade a girl to get off. If he is married, he most likely abuses his wife in some form.
  9. Doormat: He has no voice in his own home. His wife runs the house, and he tries to please her without ever succeeding. He comes to the club to pay to hear what no one will tell him in real life: You’re great, sexy, and irresistible! They are always very nice customers.
  10. Cheapo: He comes in and wants everything for free—including lunch. He  will only dance during the two-for-one special. He will not buy you a drink, and he never tip.

Excerpt from Tilt: Diary of a Virgin Stripper
Page 144

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4 Responses to “Customer Type List”

  1. I don’t fit into any one of these categories.

  2. londonserialdater Says:

    As a straight female who occasionally frequents the London strip clubs I wonder which group I fit into!

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