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This man really made my day, when he courageously admitted, “And in meeting you, whatever opinion I may have formed of those in your profession, you’ve reminded me to maintain an open mind and that each individual is their own!” Not only did he touch my heart with his confession, I think he also stated one of the biggest secrets to be successful, live happy, and allow magic to happen even if it seems impossible. Because you could run into the greatest person anywhere, any time, unexpectedly, without ever even looking. If you keep an open mind, behind an inappropriately dressed person, a weird looking creature, even behind a stripper could be someone hidden that can enrich your life, teach you something, or make you feel like you always dreamed of feeling. You just never know. Anything can happen any time …

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His text blasted through my little flip phone like a whirlwind, “I love your poetry, but I am concerned about your melancholy.” Hmmmm, he was reading. I didn’t know he was reading. I never know. I was wondering about it, but in the end, I never know. Of course, I couldn’t resist to text right back, “Why is that?” Without hesitation another blast came through, “I always envision you eternally happy. Strong, independent, driven, in control.” I knew, text wasn’t the right way to communicate about a complicated subject like this. And I knew right away as well, that this would get me writing once more. Yes, I do have to admit, he had been my biggest inspiration for over three years now. And although, our communication had always been limited to the most basic, I would just write the things I couldn’t tell him. It was almost as if I didn’t have a choice. I had to write.

So, what is it? Strong, happy, independent, in control, driven, self-sufficient, and eternally happy? Yet, at the same time so sad, only in control of myself, not able to control other people’s actions, driven as if the devil was chasing me, forced to rely only on myself, because no one was ever there I could rely on. Never weak, but when you break through my iron shell, so soft and gentle, so sensitive. That’s why I had died so many deaths before. Life, love, and circumstances had slaughtered my sensible soul many times, but no one knew about it. No one even suspected.

I am a woman of duality. I believe, without being able to cry bitter tears, we are not able to laugh uncontrollably either. Without weakness and sorrow, we aren’t able to be strong and resilient, capable of making the best out of any situation, no matter what life serves you. Without passion and fire, there is no tenderness and calm. Like the ocean, I carry many facets inside of me. My weakness is to long for a shoulder I could lean on, my strength though will proof to me I can do it on my own. Maybe the difference between me and others is that I appreciate all the different emotions my heart carries inside of me. Even the fact that I can hate and crave revenge like no other human I ever met, yet, always aware and in control of my emotions. Well, that is almost always in control of my emotions. Not always in control when I would be in his arms … and as much as I loved it, I didn’t like at all losing control. I am whole. I own my emotions. I like my weak side even more than my incredible strength, love my tenderness as much as my skill of seduction, power, and passion. I am day and night, brewing hot, and ice cold, full of fire to inflame you, and the ice to sooth your burns. I am water to wash away your sorrow, quench your thirst, and make you drown. I have a sharp blade that can be used to cut bread or to slice a piece off of your heart. I am strong enough to catch us both, but always too weak to resist your kisses. I am your fantasy and my reality. I have to live with me, you get your life from me. Because my duality, and the fact that you can never catch me, gives you what you didn’t even know was possible.

But most importantly, I am not afraid to feel, breath, and live to the fullest.

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Is it really back to caveman time where it all reduces to the basics? Men crave the hunt and the challenge, but once they accomplish to catch the object of desire it quickly narrows down to the most primitive needs and demands for most of them. They want sex, preferably with a woman who can serve them a good sandwich afterwards, and then they want to distance themselves again with a full belly and an empty nut by going into deep sleep preferably not being touched at all, hoping to snore so loud that it acts like an automatic defense mechanism against any woman coming close to them.

Women on the other hand, imbedded with the instinct to gather, long to find a partner that they can trust enough to climax, cuddle, and experience closeness with. Most likely the women won’t get what they yearn for and will end up replacing it with chocolate to create the serotonin rush satisfying sex would have offered. Take this from a gourmet chocolate enthusiast.

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When we don’t touch

When we don’t kiss

Miles and Worlds

Between us

As if we don’t even exist

Impossible to bring the two worlds together

Wondering if our imagination created us

Will we ever meet again

Shhhhhhh …

Just closing my eyes


I can hear you whisper

The long distance hug

Pulling me tight against you

Feeling my hips and breasts against your body




Dominating my heart

Gentle kisses on my





Your lips barely touching mine

Yet touching

Bodies melting into each other



Just close your eyes

We do exist



Without any doubt


Photo by Nanette Gonzales Photography

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One of my customers, who I have formed a friendship with, shared one of his beliefs with me yesterday. He is a very successful man, well respected in his profession, and makes a lot of money. He is in a leading position but worked his way up. He was raised in a poor family but was determined to climb the ladder, and sure did it with no hesitation. Oh, and he loves what he does for living. So he says to me, “If you love what you do, if you are passionate about your work, there is no way you cannot be successful, and you will make a lot of money!”

I do share this man’s beliefs. However, when it comes to my jobs, I love them all, and I am very good at them. I have worked for elite clients taking care of their dogs for years. I have worked with excellence in the fitness industry for over fourteen years now. I have never been fired from a job, and I have a high reputation. But I don’t manage to make a lot of money with it. My clients love me so much, that they won’t refer me, so they can keep me for themselves making sure I am available 24/7. I am even passionate about my work as a stripper. I am a born performer, a great dancer, I even wrote a book about it. However, I am still not rich or haven’t been crowned the Queen of Strippers. What do I do wrong? I am certainly not missing passion or drive. I think this is a question I cannot answer, but no matter what, I cannot help it. I will keep doing what I love doing.


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Sometimes, the experiences in the club seem surreal. Some of the things I hear and see even seem too fantastic to me, although, I was born with a vivid imagination.

These two business man come into the club. One of them is an old, crotchety guy. The other one is a young, good looking, well dressed gentleman. I quickly find out that the old guy in shorts is the boss of the young gentleman. I can tell they are both financially well off, and I know they are in town for business. I can tell when customers aren’t from L. A.

I sit down with them to chat, and the old guy starts bragging about the size of his cock, how he could teach me some things, and that he travels all over the world and can have sex with women of all ethnicity and age ranges. I purse my lips and nod my head. I really don’t care about these facts and whether the old guy is well endowed nor his sexual preferences and skills.

I kind of like the younger gentleman. He seems humble and modest, very intelligent, well spoken. He has good manors and just sits there watching his boss.

Since OldCrotchetyGuy is not getting much of my attention or approval, and he becomes aware of me being much more interested in his younger, quiet subordinate, he starts firing a different kind of remarks. All of a sudden, he starts degrading the younger gentleman. He says, “Oh, and this one has a tiny dick!” I tell him, “Well, you know the guys with small dicks are usually more skilled in bed than the guys with larges ones, because they actually put effort into learning about a woman instead of just assuming the size of their dick will solve it all. Size really doesn’t matter!” The old guy is irritated and steps it up a notch, “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, because this one is gay!”

I actually cannot believe my ears. How can this man in a leading position behave so unruly and primitive. It’s actually fascinating to me, and I still cannot believe how male humans will lose all integrity in order to pump themselves up in front of a beautiful woman. In the animal kingdom the males at least have life threatening fights over status and females. In the human world the squabble looks very embarrassing to me.


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I get to hear all sorts of things from all sorts of men. Lawyers, plumbers, actors, doctors, teamsters, auto mechanics, pilots, business men, rich men, poor men, begger men, thieves …

In the end though, there jibberish has translated into one common message. Let me give you some examples, and what thoughts they trigger in my brain. Here are the top ten.

1. “We have great chemistry!” = He thinks we should not miss the opportunity to have great sex tonight, because our binding chemistry will lead to mutual orgasms. All I can think of is, he can only perform once (what about mutual orgasms???? Emphasis on Plural!!!!). Not to mention he  would separate his L4 and L5 in Suspended Scissors Position.

2. “What are you doing afterwards?” = I think, not you in Crouching Tiger Position, that’s for sure.

3. “When do you get off?” = Whenever I want, as many times as I want without your help not willing to share The Nirvana Position.

4. “Please, I just want to take you to dinner, nothing else!” = Thinking of nailing me in Lustful Leg Position, although I know his hamstrings would tear because he is way too stiff for this adventure.

5. “I just want to have fun with you, and you want the same!” = He dreams of doing me in Suspended Congress Position, however, he would collapse shorty under my body weight, because my muscles weight more than his fat. We would end up in urgent care, and I don’t know if I am up for that much fun after working my ass off till 2 a.m.

6. “You are gorgeous, and I want to take you home tonight!” = Me riding him in Reverse Cowgirl swinging my lasso and spanking him with my riding crop would get his dick limp in seconds.

7. “I will make you a woman!” = And he would lose his manhood in Chatherine Wheel Sex Position.

8. “I will make you scream from pleasure” = The Clasp Position would break his frail back, and I wonder who would scream then.

9. “Let’s just be friends and see where this is going!” = He means friends with benefits (double BOOOO, I am a European woman and this is an insult to me!), and The Splitting Bamboo would dismember his shaved scrotum.

10. “I will marry you!” = It takes two to Tango, and he doesn’t even have enough rhythm to keep up with my Sideway Samba.

Luckily, the stripper world is a fantasy world, and no matter what a customer lets loose at the end of the night I brush it off and and thank God for my humorous imagination.