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A.A. Jones is many things to many people: wife, neighbor, friend, dog trainer, yoga and Pilates teacher, pole dancing instructor, and unbeknownst to most––a stripper. This is not however your stereotypical stripper story, at 37, Jones is a housewife desperately trying to save her family from financial ruin. In the end, she finds a way to save herself.

Jones’ memoir, “Tilt: Diary of a Virgin Stripper,” details the drama and danger of the world of stripping. It is an intimate, soul-bearing account of a woman making her way in a man’s fantasy world. Revealing and titillating, “Tilt” is more than an erotic confession. It is the story of a woman falling in love and rediscovering her true self and her sexual power, choosing to let darkness ignite her instead of consume her.

Winner of Readers’ Favorite – Non Fiction – Relationships Silver Medal

“I am a petite woman and always used to looking up at people. For me it’s always been about the shoes. The higher the heel the more confident I felt. Even when I was acting, I was never completely sure about a character until I picked her shoes. I slip into my clear six-inch stilettos, and the shoes give me permission to be the seductress, the temptress.” –excerpt from Tilt

TIlt Diary of a Virgin Stripper by A. A. Jones

Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper by A.A. Jones

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7 Responses to “Home”

  1. TJ Howard Says:

    Hello Ms. Jones, this is TJ, I really enjoyed myself last night. I look forward to reading your book. You are the real deal and it was an honor meeting you last night.

  2. Read it.. Loved it

  3. shira Says:

    A., this is awesome!!

  4. You are an inspiration and endlessly fascinating…you have a great story, and I’m glad you were brave enough to share it.

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