Jones’ Quotes

It takes courage to love.

No one can make you whole.

You have to complete yourself.

You always hurt the ones you love the most.

We die many deaths in one life time without physically dying.

You can change places, locations, where you live, but you will never be able to change your own skin.

What humankind needs the most; humankind fears the most –unconditional love.

You want a true friend? Get a dog.

Fools and drunks tell the truth. 

Life without love is like the ocean without water.

Kissing a nerd is like eating a gourmet chocolate cake. Once you have tasted it, you will never go back to Hershey’s.

I do believe we always get what we want in life. It’s just never the way you thought it would be. There is always a tilt.

Everybody is screwing everybody. And that is why Jones is not screwing anybody.

Physical pain helps to cope with emotional pain.

Perfume is the enemy of endorphins. A woman’s true scent can destroy a man’s brain and any logical brain waves he has left.

A beautiful woman will give even an ugly man the “sex factor.” Once she is with him he will appear as the most desirable man on earth, and everybody will seek his company.

I have been burned so many times, now I only trust my intuition.

Human mind is always right and for that it is best to be right and stay in denial.

Life always proves you wrong and throws you an unexpected surprise.

Look deep inside of yourself and just follow your heart. Your heart always knows.

Allow the intellect of the brain to surrender itself to the intuition of your heart.

Having children just to fill your hole of emptiness is no reason to reproduce.

You will be shocked when you realize how marriage killed everything you had going for you when you started off.

Paperwork cannot guarantee you unconditional love.

We either grow together or apart.

Even though my love was never returned, I cannot regret having loved with all my heart.

Just because I am different doesn’t mean I am wrong.

If you truly love someone, you will be strong enough to let them go, if they are not happy with you.

Life feels like being trapped in a mouse wheel. It seems like you are running but not getting anywhere.

Doesn’t to love mean to want someone just the way they are?

Fear will hold you back and make you miss out on life! But when you really look at it, fear was created for you, it’s not really your own feeling. It’s what other people told you to feel. Fear only exists in our mind.

If you spend one minute miserable you miss out on 60 seconds of joy.

In the end we are all dying. We are all on the clock the minute we are born.

Death is the last door we have to go through to get to our final destination.

I know for sure that wherever we go after this life time it will be awesome.

If I could have one wish: it would be for humans to use their ears for what they are meant for —to listen and hear.

Give a primitive human mind a simple tool and you will create a disaster.

Humans are their own worst enemy. We are the most dangerous species, because only humans destroy themselves.

When it comes to dogs, I am right even if I am wrong.

Only when you truly find yourself will you be able to truly love someone else.

No matter what you have, how many thing you have accumulated, what car you drive and how much money you earn, in the end you still eat bread and have to use the toilette. You are no different from any human.

Looking at yourself brings the art of living.

Americans are used to the quick fix. That’s why they masque their symptoms instead of treating the root of their problem.

The person who chooses the affair is the desperate one. An affair is a cry for help.

When I am done, when I finally get to where I am going, I will finally fall asleep.

You can sleep when you are dead. Open your eyes and live!

If you are afraid of your dreams and desires you are afraid of yourself.

Whether you hit the squirrel by accident or on purpose, the result is the same … dead squirrel.


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