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I believe, in this lifetime, we die many deaths without actually physically dying. The more self-aware and intuitive we are the more people’s ignorance and selfishness can contribute to another death. But death means rebirth. After pain comes joy. And suffering, although, it contributes to hardening the heart, makes you stronger, tougher, more resilient if you choose to let the pain fuel your passion for change. Freedom will be found by changing the only things you can change: yourself, your energy, the way you approach life, pain, love, health, and sickness. You are meant to live a joyful life, but sometimes, we have to die in order to find a path to bliss and enlightenment.

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But taking your clothes off sensually and being appealing once exposing bare skin is an art that not very many people master. Clothes will masque or even hide imperfections. The striptease will expose not just skin, but also the soul of the dancer, and how she feels about herself and her body. Being naked is an art.

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China white

Makes your future look bright

Opportunity and travel

Something you like to revel

China white

Will blind your sight

Will make you forget

And create regret

But China white

Makes you feel like a knight

Who can start making more money

To finally find life’s true honey

China white

Has made you bite

In the cake to feed the other

While you lose your lover

China white

Will teach you polite

That everything you craved

Was already there but you betrayed

Blinded by greed

That made you cheap

China white is the lesson you need

But it makes your lover’s heart bleed

China white will rattle you awake from deep, denying sleep

But China white has made her once more weep

And this time her pain might be too deep

She was crawling along for years just getting too weak

And China white might stop her heart’s beat

Who would’ve thought

China white would turn into fraud

China white

Your future isn’t all that bright

China white once more tricked you into what seems right

But China white will teach you

Going through lonely nights of blue

What she had whispered over and over

Yet you were too busy counting the leaves of clover

Trying to find the one with four leaves

Never realizing she was holding your missing piece

China white

Brings many lonely nights

A new mistress will be found

With the bottle in bound

To numb the realization

And stop the revelation

Because after all a white man in foreign land

Can never admit he misses holding his mistress’ hand

China white will turn you grey

Will make you try to hide your own betrayal

But China white

Shines so bright

It takes away your eye sight

China white

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Decisions and choices can only lead to success when you have the ability to make sure that you decide not only from the intellect but mostly from the heart. Having more money and picking a career just because it seems financially rewarding means nothing if you sacrifice happiness, passion, and love. Money can trick you into thinking you are safe but it cannot ever fulfill your heart.

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lomob-2 (22)No matter where and what

In my stilettos I feel hot

They make my legs look endlessly long

With that illusion I feel irresistibly strong

I feel like a gazelle

Yet wearing such high heels feels more like torture in hell

And a whole shift in my eight inch

Does give me such a painful pinch

I could never dance without the stiletto shoes

The way I always do

When my shoes are strapped on tight

I lose all of my fright

Ready to dance for my customers all night

Photo by Ed Magik Photography,

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During my career as a stripper I have watched my co-strippers play all sorts of games to get customers back into the club to see them and spend money on them. The tricks and games are endless, and frankly, they are boring. A high class stripper doesn’t play games. She clearly establishes her pride about being a performer who understands the art of stripping, lap dancing, and seduction without having to pretend that she will ever meet her customers outside of the club or let their relation ship go beyond her profession as an exotic dancer.

However, this does not rule out the fact that some men just don’t want to hear and see what you are. But that is not my responsibility. I am an artist, and without my customers I am not a dancer, therefore I need my customers to meet me in the club not outside of the club for dinner. After all, I am not a restaurant and food critic.

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