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Photo by Nanette Gonzales Photography

Photo art by Elle

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You only have this one body you have to live in for the rest of your life. Think before you eat and drink. Your body is precious, and it deserves to be treated with dignity. You are what you consume. Food, beverages, thoughts, media, whatever you choose to consume is what will make you. My friends destroy themselves with drugs and alcohol, and it breaks my heart. I have lost many to substance, and I have experienced so much loss because they chose to numb themselves. I wish humanity could wake up and see what I see.

If any substance controls you then you are not living to your full potential. Only you can change this. Be strong with me, be you, be free, be wild, be passionate, be irresistible as the hero we all can discover when we don’t allow substance to take charge of us. You don’t need anything to be strong, just air, water, and love. Choose wisely what you consume, and be young with me forever.

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I do believe thoughts create the experience. I also believe that energy is one of the most powerful things we have to communicate and to reach our goals. I use energy in dog training, in my Yoga and Pilates classes I teach, and on stage no matter what performance I give. With energy you will make it or break it. If the energy is right you’re a winner, if the energy isn’t right … you will most likely not get above mediocre.

I also believe visualization is very important. You need a clear vision of where you are going, what you want, and how you see yourself in the near and far future. Your mind has amazing powers when you approach things with positive energy and enthusiasm. You can really create your own luck.

However, I do not believe it’s that simple. And I have proof for it. Some of my customers (one particular one, who always preaches about the secret and believes firmly he will get whatever he can imaging) are convinced, and I mean super convinced that they will have sex with me. They talk about it and behave as if we had already done it and as if I am already theirs. They really truly believe we are going to be together, at least sexually. Their energy is almost overwhelming when it comes to this matter, and they are absolutely sure I will give in. I hear things like, “I will make looove to you, Jones!”, “You and I are a great couple!”, “The sex with you is amazing!”, “We are going to put all your sexual phantasies into action!”, “Jones, I know I have you very close to giving in!”, “I know, you cannot resist me!” … blah blah blah blah blah. Their energy, visualization, and enthusiasm about sex with me is fascinating and powerful. However, no matter how intense they are, my energy and enthusiasm about NOT having sex with them is so much stronger, no matter what they imagine, say, feel, want … it’ll never happen, and I can guarantee you that.

What I am trying to say is that it is not as simple as people present it. There is much more to it, and we all should be aware that the universe works in mysterious ways, it’s not just our energy that matters, but also the energy that affects us from others, and of course, we should always have a vision, yet, I believe the importance of being flexible and able to change course is often underestimated.

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Most of us have been blessed with 5 senses, yet, most of us use only a few of them not even to their full potential. In our world everything is dominated by intellectual judgement and examination. We rarely ask ourselves anymore ‘How do I feel?’ or ‘How does this feel?’ Most of us even feel guilty about touch, yes, especially touching yourself.

Drugs will break the edge to this forbidden world and loosen you up to have the courage to see, hear, feel, touch, and taste on a different level, yet, drugs only offer an illusion of how your senses really work. In the end, they cheat you into a world that doesn’t really exist.

I am a very sensual person. My sense of smell, taste (that is why I for example cannot drink alcohol, it just tastes so horrible to my delicate tongue), and hearing are extremely sensitive. I see beyond the obvious, and I am extremely sensitive to touch while I have a healing touch myself. I love to feel my own hair on my body, trace the inside of my legs feeling my delicate, sensitive skin, and enjoying how my thighs report back from this experience. I do not enjoy to touch many people, there are just a few selected ones that are allowed in this world of mine and that I enjoy touching. Touch means energy exchange. Smells tell stories, tastes can be irresistible or the biggest deterrent, and my eyes are gifted in seeing what needs to be seen. I believe we all have these sensual qualities if we just allow ourselves to explore them. You might not be as picky or selective as I am, but without exploring your senses to the fullest life isn’t really what it could be.

I want to invite you today to close your eyes and just to feel how your chest and belly raises when you inhale, how your nostrils are cooled when you inhale and warmed when you exhale. I want you to feel your finger tips and tips of your toes. Take a moment to be, breath and feel, something that makes us, yet, is most often forgotten in the storm of life. Be!

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Mars and Uranus had already met

To deliver heat and aggression in unexpected events

This Full Moon is 7 degrees in Libra

And it will strike

To wake us up and keep us awake

Make you long in



My hounds will howl

Like the wolves and coyotes

The moon will keep us awake


Not being able to turn your mind off

Some will regret

Libra will weigh her options

Scales unbalanced

waiting for others to make a decision




I will sit

With the hounds

Through this brutal Full Moon



Like the wolves and Coyotes

A woman

Who sleeps with the hounds

Who fears nothing

Who knows what’s ahead




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Everybody seems to be only hearing what they want to hear no matter how clear you express yourself. Maybe it would be too painful if they would hear what’s really being said.

I had this accident with my dogs. A little white, fluffy cotton ball dog ran out of the house unexpectedly and attacked my pack of large Coonhounds. My dogs where on leash and behaved very well on the first attack. I had already crossed the street to get away from the little white cotton ball monster just for the puffed up midget to ambush us for the second time, and this is when my dogs where determined to kill him. Of course, that little dog has no idea about his own size and that just one of my dogs could knock him out with his paw. I didn’t want the little terror to get killed so I chose not to let go of the leashes, and instead I took the fall. A bad fall. I cannot even be mad at my dogs, they were just protecting me from the little monster. Finally, the owners of the dog came out and put their little pest away. I got up, covered in blood and dirt collecting peaces of clothing on the street, while my dogs where in shock about my injuries, the smell of blood penetrating their sensitive noses. The cotton ball dog owners asked me, “Are you OK?” I answered honestly, “No, I am not OK, because of your ignorance. Your dog should have never been able to run out into the street in the first place. He could have been run over by a car, killed by my dogs, I could have been hit by a car …” They asked me again, “Are you OK?” I repeated, “NO, I am not OK.” Once more they asked, “Are you OK?” I felt anger for them ignoring my statement, and I repeated one more time, “I AM NOT OK!!!” Again, “Are you OK? “I looked at them and said, “Do I look OK to you? I look like a plucked chicken. I am covered in blood, my clothes are ripped, my legs, arms, and hands are torn open …. No, I am not OK.” And I walked away, hoping they learned to keep their front door shut when the cotton ball dog is around, but I doubt it.

They really just wanted me to say that all is well and I am fine. And in the end, because I was able to walk away, in their mind I am fine. But in reality, the little cotton ball dog really fucked up my precious stripper body, and it hurts.

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Bethany came running into the dressing room and flapped herself onto the dirty dressing room carpet like a little kid. She had been drinking all night long, and she was heavily intoxicated. I knew, she had something to confess to me, and she was trying to get a moment alone with me. She tilted her head from right to left, like one of those bobble head dogs people drive around with on their dashboard or in the back window. I was focused on lining my lips and applying more lip gloss. I think, she felt safer with me focusing on looking into the mirror instead of having my eyes on her, and then she finally blurted it out, “Jones, I so want to have sex with this man, uuuuhhhh, I cannot tell you how much I want to be with him.” I knew right away who she was talking about. I had actually mentioned it to one of my co-strippers two nights ago, how I thought Bethany was madly in love with this guy. So I suggested, “Well, then do it. He is actually a nice guy, and it could work out. I think, he might be one of those rare guys who is not a fucker. I get a good feeling about him. Just make sure you are safe and don’t get anything from him.” She shook her head desperately, “I can’t. I have a boyfriend. I cannot cheat on him, I can’t.” I didn’t say it to her, but she was already cheating on her boyfriend. Cheating really starts in the head, and her body was vibrating just talking about the other guy. In her mind they had had sex many times, they had passionately made out, and in her mind, he had filled all the voids her boyfriend for some reason didn’t or couldn’t fill. I looked into the face of a craving woman, when Bethany explained, “My boyfriend loves me, we are together for over two years now. I cannot cheat on him, but I so want to be with the other guy.” I nodded my head, “Yeah, so your boyfriend is the safe choice, what you know, and he could be a good father to your children. But do you really love him?” She replied instantly, “He loves me more then I love him. Yes, we have a future together.” I asked, “Do you guys ever make out passionately?” And as if it was normal she answered, “Never! We only kiss when I am really drunk, but even then we aren’t really passionate.” So I said to her, “Bethany, you are going for what you know and what seems to be the right thing. In your heart you know better. I strongly suggest you explore other possibilities before you marry your boyfriend, and luckily, you aren’t married to him yet. Don’t marry him. Run as fast as you can, because if you marry someone you have no chemistry with you will have hell on earth. Whatever it takes to make you understand … Yes, have sex with the other guy, and hopefully, you will find chemistry, passion, irresistible kisses, touch that’s fueled by unexplainable electricity, and adventure that will take your and his breath away. Don’t settle for mediocre.” She looked at me in shock, but at the same time with some sort of relief, “Jones, I feel like you are the devil sitting on my shoulder telling me to cheat on my boyfriend.” And I told her, “Call it the devil or whatever else you want to call it to make yourself feel better. I am just telling you to follow your heart, and in your heart you know who you love and who you don’t love.” And then I rushed back out onto the floor.

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