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No matter how, where and who raised you it won’t determine whether you are a daredevil or not. You can be raised by gangsters, the mob, the mafia, politicians, teachers, doctors… but you can still be a wimp. Most people are stuck in the fantasy of dreaming about what they want to do and will do one day without actually having the guts, determination, and courage to follow through. It’s all about the fire in your belly and the fight in your heart, and you either have it and allow it or you don’t.

Find your daredevil. Because life cannot wait, and you can sleep when you are dead.

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As a stripper I get constantly approached by customers suggesting to change clubs. Even the few friends that know I am working as a stripper often suggest to me where I could and should work instead. The way non-strippers put it is always very interesting. Any other club will be turned into this mouth watering establishment where dancing seems completely non-threatening and safe. Just recently a friend of mine told me, “I checked out this club, and you should really check it out. It wasn’t creepy at all, the girls were super nice and talented and seemed to be having a great time. It was a very slow night but there was no creepy stuff going on.” It is interesting that people who have never worked as a stripper feel like this about almost every club. But to be honest, there is no non-creepy strip club. It’s not the set up or the girls that make the club creepy. It’s the customers that visit, and it takes only one creep to turn the whole experience, and trust me there are more creeps than non-creeps that visit. People in general don’t go to the strip clubs to get a drink (they don’t even just go to a bar to just get a drink because you can get a drink cheaper around the corner at the liquor store). People visit to get their fix …and there is a lot of demand for fixing out there …

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Some nights are longer than others

Because the pain in your chest makes you suffer

Your eyes are heavy and restless

Yet you lay for hours sleepless

I pray to God just for one relief

To be able to fall asleep and breath

The sweet smell of numbing sleep

So I can stop to weep

And although I have surrendered my faith

He still won’t grant me sweet sleep’s grace

Instead tormenting thoughts keep nagging

About all the things I keep on dragging

Yet do I know much better than to fight

What life has given me to chew and bite

Acceptance doesn’t seem to sooth my soul

The darkness of the night makes my heart howl

I wish exhaustion would kick in

So finally my thoughts would stop to spin

But I won’t be spared tonight

Till morning breaks and I see sunlight

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I am a dancer. My soul unfolds on stage like a rainbow after the storm. My life is one storm. The stage is where I present all my colors fueled by my life’s hurricane. I do it with devotion to my audience. The audience makes me a performer, and I owe my audience to make them feel. Without audience I won’t be a performer, but I will always be a dancer.

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Let me spread my wings and fly

Where I need to be so I won’t anymore cry

Let me swallow my own sadness

To forget about your sick madness

Let me be as dark as I have to be

So one day I can let go and break free

After ever storm that rages

There is a peace and quiet that will sooth the stages

Let my heart drown in pain

I cannot sooth it with coocaine

Let me just be

So I can figure out the way out of misery

Let me just suffocate on your cruelty

To one day just find my happiness within me

Just let me spread my wings and fly

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We strippers are often blamed for corrupting men, husbands, young boys, even girls who start dancing and seem fairly inexperienced and innocent. But no one has the power to corrupt the prudish or pure soul unless the soul wishes to be corrupted and seeks the experience. The prudish soul feels one sided and incomplete and will seek wholeness just like you will crave water after a salty meal.

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Most people that live in the Western world have everything and all to be happy and fulfilled. The universe lays it right in front of us, and yet, most people often even take active action to sabotage happiness and choose misery instead. We often stick to what is familiar from old programs and patterns and feel safe to be stuck in the known instead of reaching for the unexplored, happier place.

Happiness and feeling lucky often feels difficult because we could lose it so quickly and that inflicts fear. Also, unfortunately, most people feel consciously or/and subconsciously guilty and not worthy of happiness. However, just like fear and guilt, happiness has the same ability to develop into a permanent feeling if we don’t make happiness dependent on external factors, experiences, and valuations. Instead we need to strive to feel the connection to divine mercy and generosity. You too have the power to ditch unhappiness and the choice to be happy.

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