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jones_unicornTake me away

Where my heart is free to play

Race with me through the darkest forest

Leaving behind fear and finding courage

Let us fiercely fly through the night

Without fearing chill or fright

Inhaling the ice cold air

Knowing together we can battle all despair

Feeling the wind on my bare skin

Knowing love will always win

Take me away

Wherever this ends

All the way to where rainbows bend

You and I

Together we are eternal and will never die

Photo art by Kristen Wright Photographs

Photo by Nanette Gonzales Photography

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Love will never stand in your way and move out of your way to give you all that you want and wish to have. Even if LOVE sees that your longing isn’t going to fulfill you, it will be kind enough to let you learn what you would never understand if love would’ve held you back. When you really love, you will not control, dictate, or restrict the person you love. You will put your desires behind the other persons’ desires, even if it means letting them go in love. You cannot convince or force someone to love you. You can only love them and hope they might feel the same way about you. Love is entirely selfless and doesn’t make blind. Love will see and love this person for who they exactly are. Love just cannot help it but to love.

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lomob (25)This day and age treats everything as if it is disposable and replaceable. People don’t value anymore what they have and cannot get enough of accumulating more things. Even animals, pets, and other human beings are treated like the balloons in this trash can. It makes me sad, because every living creature is it’s own colorful balloon and presents it’s own treasure to this world.

Think first when you throw out things that served you patiently for years and gave you pleasure. They might give someone else pleasure or it might even be what this person always wanted to have. Think when you get rid of your friends just because they seem an inconvenience (especially when it comes to your four-legged friends). Newer is not always better, different is not always more exciting … Because in the end, it’s all about what you make out of it.

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“Life is like a Yoga pose you have been pretzeled into. It hurts and burns everywhere, and you try to fight it, but all of a sudden you realize, that you can’t keep fighting and you decide to surrender. You sense that you might get something out of it if you can relax and let go. And guess what? You give in: your muscles relax; your breath slows and deepens; your tendons start lengthening. Soon, you discover that you are in this crazy pretzel pose, and it starts giving you relief. Your brain stops spinning, and you get a glimpse of peace, softness, and all of a sudden, you start understanding that there might be more out there than just your life and that daily commute. And then you start feeling it: the ecstasy of freedom.” — Excerpt of ‘Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper’

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I have made an interesting observation. It is very difficult to convince a man that you are sexually unavailable. Usually, when I tell them that sex is not a possibility they translate this into an invitation to pursue me even harder. Men are not willing to take “No” for an answer when it comes to their sexual desire. However, if I do finally manage to bring my point across, they drop me like a hot potato and vanish from my life as if I just unexpectedly died, although, during their pursue, they kept promising and explaining how much they value me as a friend and person, and want me in their life no matter what, and sex isn’t a necessity at all. Of course, they think that way they can win my trust and I will, with this one guy, make an exception.

The only case where this doesn’t apply to, is if the man gets something material out of the relationship in exchange. See, some of my female friends pay their male friends for handy man work or to chauffeur them around, and in that case a friendship between man and woman does work. It also works if the woman does his laundry or cleans his house (like in many marriages where there is no more sex but a “deep” friendship). But is this really a friendship? Does there always have to be something in is for the man?

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Little bitches come and go

Prostitutes they da pro

Head out to a skanky club

Looking for a little love

Sit right back in da chair

 Ain’t no cost just to stare

Bitches shake that ass and tit

You might get a little bit

Have a lap dance

Come in your pants

Head out the back do

With your new ho

Slap that bitch’s fat ass

While you smoke some skunky grass

Watch out for the popo

Head back in the back do

Sit back down in your chair

Pretend you wasn’t out there

Watch the next one do her trick

Just to have a happy dick

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The club in itself is a breeding ground for germs. Management doesn’t seem to care at all about hygiene or prevention when it comes to germ spreading. I don’t think anybody ever cleans the stage. There is an old, rotten mop they use occasionally to sweep the stage but steam cleaning or sanitizing the stage most likely never happens. If we girls wear socks or thigh-highs in bright colors we will end up with black stockings at the end of the shift. But this is only the beginning of it. I have seen girls change tampons in the dressing room without washing their hands before and afterward and then storming right out on stage to spread their huha all over the place. I wouldn’t be able to survive a shift without alcohol wipes, Thieves oil, and sanitizing wipes, not to mention a disinfecting mouth wash I can gargle with after someone sneezes or coughs on me. The make up counters are dirty, the wobbly stools the club provides for us are nasty (most girls sit with their bare asses on it), not to mention the money we deal with that is known to be infested.

Then imagine this time of the year, cold and flu season. Most dancers only work as dancers and do not have any other income source nor health insurance. They cannot afford to stay home when sick with the flu. So, let the germ party begin. But do not forget about the flu ridden customer who skipped work today and can spend some extra time in the strip club indulging in a few extra lap dances, because of course, when sick we all need an extra dose of TLC.

I don’t get it. I think people should stay home when sick or should at least learn basic hygiene courtesy like hand washing and covering their mouth with a disposable tissue when sneezing and coughing. But I guess once you are already sick you don’t give damn about others catching your bug. After all, why should they feel healthy when you are suffering.

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