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Sunken in your first class chair

On a flight to Nebraska over thirty thousand feet up in the air

Kind of making small talk, killing time

When your thoughts cannot avoid to drift and melt with mine

Both we are on the same quests

doing what society requests

You go there, I am here

We both dream about what we fear

Many moments we both missed

Man, that gets me so sad and really pissed

While you seem to have no clue

Just keep doing what you think you are suppose to do

Nebraska, Omaha then Lincoln and back

I feel most days like a nervous wreck

Just a bunch of square corn fields and wheat farms

No one thinks of any harms

Miles and miles of back roads and highways connect the little towns

My life feels like the life of a sad clown

Who would want to live down there

In the middle of nowhere

But I would fly there without even thinking twice in my despair

You there, I am here

Both we dream about what we fear

Once you asked me, “When will we finally work out?”

I don’t know anymore and for the first time I feel doubt

Is it meant to be or not

Will we give it another shot

But you there, I am here

And we keep dreaming pushing that fear

Then fly home late and do it again

Is that what makes a righteous man

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The club has taught me one of the most important lessons of life. You cannot procrastinate and debate whether or not to act upon a customer that just walked into the club. If you don’t talk to him first another girl will, and your chance of making the first impression will be forever gone and with that the chance of earning your lively hood.

One day, you’ll wake up and wish you would’ve done all the things you wanted to do, but there won’t be any time left. Procrastination is death while still alive. Do it now, live, love, feel. Time is running out …

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Today we have more comfort but less time

More education and knowledge but less common sense

We have more experts but more problems

More medicine but less health

We act careless but don’t laugh enough, get angry too fast, go too bed too late and get up too tired

We talk too much but love too less and lie too often

We tripled our possessions but reduced our values

We buy more but enjoy it less

We learned how to ear an income but forgot how to live life

We know how to get to the moon but forgot how to cross the street to knock on the neighbor’s door

We have more quantity but less quality

More freedom but less fun

We split the atom but not our judgement

We have more types of food but a less nutritious diet

We created beautiful homes but have more broken families

Life has become paradox

Life is about moments of bliss not about survival

Every day, hour, minute, every second are unique

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I was just getting into my car after teaching a fitness class (I was dressed conservatively), when a shiny, black Escalade pulled next to my car, and the driver watched me get into it. Although, not in the strip club, my stripper shield went immediately up. And my instinct was proven right again. The Esacalade followed me while I turned around. When I stopped at the traffic light the Escalade pulled up right next to me. The driver rolled his tinted window down to reveal his submariner Rolex covered wrist along with a fat necklace hanging around his neck. A sweaty, fat, bald, old man stared at me till I finally rolled my window down to find out why he had followed me. He said in a thick accent, “Such a beautiful smile. Do you share your beauty with anybody? I want to talk to you so let me follow you!” I didn’t answer his question but let him pull in front of me and followed him to pull to the side of a busy road. He waited for me to get out of my car but I didn’t. He was forced to step into the baking sun if he wanted to talk to me. I remained seated when I saw him drag his body out of his Escalade immediately complaining about how hot it was touching his in sweat drenched, bald head. I am sure you could fry and egg on his greasy, shiny, bald platform of a head.

He leaned way too close over my window. If I wouldn’t be a stripper and washed with all waters he would’ve scared me or made me feel uncomfortable. But I know this type. He is a rich, old fart who thinks he can buy everything with money. A typical strip club goer. Without asking my name he said to me, “You are so beautiful, I want to take you shopping. Maybe we should go shopping to Victoria Secret, and I buy you some nice lingerie. What is your favorite color?” I answered, “I don’t like Victoria Secret. Plus their bras don’t fit me. I am a 30F, and I only like European, fine lingerie preferable in silk. I like black and nude.” He recognized me as a woman of class. And understood immediately that a cheap Victoria Secret visit wouldn’t get him anything with me. That intrigued him. I am sure he is either the owner of a near by fully nude strip club or definitely a patron on his way there. Any typical man would ask you out for a cup of coffee or dinner before he would suggest a lingerie modeling shopping trip. The only reason why I gave him my club phone number is to find out which of the two he is. His questions were absolutely inappropriate and his behavior unacceptable, but I am too curious to let this one get away without finding out his real story.

Less than an hour later he called me but I haven’t returned his call yet. To be continued …

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Image-1-3Sometimes, the strip club feels like a dump, but you cannot let it affect you.

Photos by TiltPlay

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People live through fear, and that fear debilitates them from really maximizing their short time here in this life. They hide behind substances, misperceived responsibilities and limits, and are too afraid to take the leap. Ultimately, it’s their fear of the unknown that is their biggest downfall. If they would just “screw it” and open the curtain, they’d see that the wizard is a merely small feeble man just pulling levers and ropes.

Stop wasting your time. Start living today leaving your fears be fears but not letting them paralyze you from being YOU.

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I know from the club people crave to communicate and to be heard and understood, yet, the primary choice of communication now a days is text where emotions can’t be identified and where it all stays in cyber space. Rarely, someone picks up the phone to actually talk. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter make it appear to us as if we have hundreds of friends, yet, most of those friends we only from the comment box.

More and more women complain about their difficulties communicating with their partners, more and more men admit to me that lack of communication is the main problem in their relationships, and the trend in schools is to see our children be diagnosed with a problems on the autism spectrum (Aspergers Syndrome, silent autism, and social ineptness).

Most of the men I meet display social ineptness, lack of compassion, and inability to walk in the other person’s shoes. Yet they crave human contact and conversation even if not capable of initiating. We strippers are good with that. We don’t judge the awkward guy, accept him for who he is, and talk and listen well.

Throughout the centuries we have developed specific traits due to mutation (just like for example the giraffe mutated slowly into the long neck miracle food reacher). I wonder if humanity is on it’s way to mutating into autism, and soon, the people that are socially capable will be the ones that will be called compromised, retarded, and inept. And they will be prescribed therapy to fix their lack of need to isolate.

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