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I have to remind myself daily, sometimes, all you can do is make life better 20 or even just 10 minutes at a time. Whether you help an animal, your neighbor, a child, or you sign a petition, put a smile on a homeless person’s face, or bring joy and happiness for just a few moments into another creature’s life. In the attempt to make the world a better place I realize the little things are possible while often the big things leave you feeling helpless and  frustrated. What if everybody would strive for 20 minutes at a time? 

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Our paths had crossed for many years every night when we would walk our dogs. I was out with my pack, and he was out with his wife and dog. Out of courtesy we would move out of each others way to give the other dog the right forward. They were an old couple with an old dog. One day, I saw the old man only walk his dog. His wife wasn’t with him anymore. And today, I ran into him with my dogs. He was alone. No wife, no dog. I asked him, “Where is your dog?” He pointed to heaven. I asked him, “Where is your wife?” He pointed again to heaven. His wife had passed last year in June and his dog had followed shortly. We talked, and the old men told me a wonderful story. He said, “My wife was so much more than my wife to me. She was my friend as well, my soulmate, and sometimes, she was even my mother. She had to be. I was married for 46 years, and I only had eyes for my wife and my dog. And I was happy. And I am still happy because I had what’s most important: I was loved! I am lucky.” What he shared with me drove tears into my eyes. Most people don’t have what this man had. Or if they have it, if they are loved, they don’t even understand what treasure that truly is. I had not much comfort to give to him. I just told him what I know, “One day, when you are ready, your wife and dog will be there to pick you up and help you cross over.” He replied, “I am looking forward to it, but for now, I still have some things to do on this planet. Last week, I bought this guy a new pair of shoes and six pair of socks with it. He’s happy now!” The man was full of love. He had been loved his entire life, and he was giving love and making the world a better place. His wife’s and dog’s life and his life are full of purpose.

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 photo-1 (19)Bare Polaroids of a












I am many things to many people

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Depression is on the rise in the USA. People cannot see the tomorrow and drown their sorrow by numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol or trying to get help through psychiatric help and pharmaceutical drugs. Depression and using drugs (and to me anti-depressants and recreational drugs are not much different) has become a norm and not being on substance is actually “abnormal” today. When I tell people I do not drink they think I am a diabetic or a recovering alcoholic. Something has to be wrong with me. When I go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned the receptionist asks me twice about the section that stays empty on my patient information form where they ask me what drugs I am on. Now a days something has to be wrong with you if you aren’t using. Sure, I have had the blues many times in my life. I have lost in 2008 what was most precious to me, but my will to create and be passionate was always stronger than the urge to just give up. I can always look ahead and see the tomorrow no matter what challenges I have to face, but I do know many people who cannot even visualize tomorrow. They are hopeless, helpless, depressed, and don’t know how to change. They give in to the increasing epidemic of modern society: a life in comatose.

But life is so much more than giving in. Life is about creating, expressing, changing, facing your fears, and taking the next challenge. Live with me today. Find your passion, create something, help an animal or a child, open your ears, unclog your nostrils, open your eyes, feel your skin, and start breathing … Life is about what takes your breath away.

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I don’t understand much of it

But all my frustration

Has turned into liberation

Guided by the higher power

Climbing life’s bombastic tower

Racing to the top

Knowing this is not just another flop

Left all the fears and doubts behind

To outsmart the limitations of the mind

Passion has been my preaching line

Believing firmly in the divine

Following my purpose to create

Causing it to be tragic

For whoever doesn’t believe in magic

I am guided by his hand

Enjoying every moment in this land

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The young man caught my eye the minute he stepped through the club door with his friend. They are both very good looking, handsome, wealthy men in their thirties, and I knew right away Mr. Gorgeous and I were suppose to have an impacting conversation. I quickly found out that his sign was Libra, and Gemini and Libra always enjoy each others conversation. He also shared with me, that he had volunteered at a suicide hotline for over two years now, and that he was sad, how lonely humanity was, and that people had nobody to talk to, and he was happy to offer his listening skills. Then he asked me, “Jones, do you have people in your life that you can count on?” I had to think hard, and I asked him, “How do you define being able to count on someone?” He answered without hesitation, “A true friend will drive you to the airport and pick you up without even hesitating.” I answered honestly, “I have no such friend. I wouldn’t even know who to ask. I just take a shuttle.” He couldn’t believe it, “Are you just playing me? You have to have a support system.” I said, “I get by on my own pretty well, and I am glad I can take care of myself in sickness as well as in health. Because back when I was married it was painful not to be able to rely on the one person who should’ve taken care of me when I was sick.Today, I know, that I can make it on my own. So many couples are just together and miserable because they are scared to be on their own. I know, I will be OK. It’s me and my dogs, and we will make it. And if I would ever find a person I would want to be with, I would know, I wouldn’t be with them because I need them, but because I truly want them.” He asked, “Do you have any goals and dreams?” And I shared my vision for Tilt with him and told him, “I know exactly what I want.” He looked at me and said, “Wow, that’s amazing. Although, I have a great support system here, I don’t know what I want.” And I admitted, “I guess I am the lucky stripper here, because at least I know exactly what I want, and I have a clear vision. You on the other hand …,” and he interrupted me, “I on the other hand am the lost soul with no vision for my future, although, I seem to have the perfect life and a few friend who would drive me to the airport and take care of me when I am sick. You’re right, you are much better off than me.”

I feel sad for Mr. Gorgeous, and I hope to see him again some time. Maybe I could help him find his passion, let it grow into his vision, and give him purpose.

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Blown away


Endlessly far

There is my sweet homeland

Dreary and empty

With fading power of recollection

Whatever once connected us

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Childhood Dream

Why are you tearing on my heart

Every light morphs into a face

Why are you waking my agony

Blown away


There’s my heart buried somewhere

I try to sleep but always wake

To catch a glimpse of it

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