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Dear God
2017 was painful — lots of death and loss, lots of pain. 2018 wasn’t as bad but still life and loss — death seems to be always around the corner. Yet, I am very grateful for everything you granted me, for every dollar I earned and could use to make life a little better, saving lives and helping the unfortunate — I still don’t understand who picks who get to be lucky, who gets to sleep in a warm, safe bed, has enough good food to eat and more love than you can imagine, and who decides who starves alone, abandoned, abused, neglected. I might not ever understand, but, hey, once a wise woman told me I need to stop trying to understand everything. It’s impossible to understand.
That brings me to 2019. I still have many hopes and dreams, still many wishes buried deep inside, but they are still there. So I pray that you will give me more strength to let go of my expectations in regards to these dreams and wishes, but also in regards to the humans I will encounter. Let me become a little better each day of letting go of my expectations. And give me patience, not just with myself and my fury children, but with life, humans, more humans, and all humans.
Give me strength to be patiently expectationless.
It’s OK if I am not understanding or still judgemental which I know I will be — hey, nobody is perfect. But as long as I can leave my expectations behind and stay patient, I think it’ll all work out just fine.
And then, dear God, let me have another year of my physical strength and health so I can keep dancing, training, walking, and moving like a 12 year old so I can bring in the cash to take care of my beloved pack, and maybe do more good, and help more unfortunate souls to find forever homes, love, and peace.
And allow me many good stages filled with people who I can inspire, make them feel, think, become alive, and enjoy what I do for them so they are happy to reimburse me generously for my art and effort.
I think that pretty much sums it up for 2019 for me.

Yours impatient Jones

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On many nights, it actually seems impossible to make money dancing for dollars. But once more the strip club proves that miracles do happen and can occur without even expecting the. Most of the times, although against all odds, it always does work out somehow. And what seems impossible at the beginning of the shift turns out to be a magical miracle at the end of it. Thank the Lord for listening to everybody’s prayers.

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“The prophecy was foretold by a leader called Black Elk in the 1890’s who predicted that in seven generations, the Native American nations would unite to save the Earth from zuzeca snake — black snake — that would threaten the world. The black snake is clearly the oil pipeline currently being attempted to be inserted through the heart of their reservation with the oil extraction of fracking … This issue is a major line in the sand for what is happening environmentally in the world. ” Christof Melchizedek
I am praying that the prophecy is fulfilled. The Natives along with Veterans stood strong and progress is being made. A victory of prayer, light, love, and what is right for all of us.

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Words can be so confusing. You mean one thing, but it comes across to the other person as something completely different. Energy, when sent from the heart, is very clear and direct and cannot be confused. That’s why it is one of the most powerful tools for a happy, healthy, balanced life. Mediation, prayer, going inward, feeling yourself, and sending your energy out to the world can be life changing.

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Photo by Leen Isabel

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ana-7Immortal is love

Immortal is your memory of me

Immortal beats my heart for Thee

Photography by Leen Isabel

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Craving the whales

How they splash their tales

Seagulls fly

Hoping to get a glimpse of a humpback’s eye

The bumpy ride

Out on the tide

As the horizon runs wide

I lose all my pride

Feeling the power of the waves

And the martyr of the whalers graves

How could they harpoon these magnificent creatures

With so much detail in all of their features

Just for a little blubber and oil

Leaving the rest of their precious bodies to spoil

These are the largest mammals on earth

Giving my heart felt passion birth

Fortunate to see these gigantic kings of the sea

I will be always grateful for God letting me

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