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The young dancer looked confused at me and finally asked me, “But why do these men come to the strip club?” I remember asking my maker the exact same question when I started dancing. I just couldn’t understand why men would come to an establishment like this, but today, it’s part of my life and there is no mystery about it anymore, yet, answering the simple question why men visit strip clubs isn’t that easy to explain. So I tried, “There are many reasons for a men to come to the club, but they all have one thing in common. They seek something. Some want to dive into the fantasy world of sensuality, seduction, and sex. Men crave to be seduced. Others are looking for a girl friend, to get turned on for their wife, to get off easy, or because they want what they can never have. Others come because they feel powerful having the choice to tip one girl while ignoring another. Others come for simply the power trip of being rude and degrading. Some want conversation, some even find therapeutic relief in talking to a stripper, others just come because their wife never listens and talks too much but the stripper might listen to what they have to say. There are countless of reasons why men visit the strip club, but in the end, they all aren’t satisfied with their world outside the club and so they try to find satisfaction here, even if it just offers them minutes of relief from their outside world.

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