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Posted in Stripper Secrets with tags , , , , , on May 27, 2016 by tiltdiary

Most men think it should be much easier to date a stripper than a woman who has never worked as a sex worker. They think our standards are not as high. What the male brain doesn’t understand is that it takes a lot to impress a stripper. We don’t need Tinder or to get a date. We get offers every day from men out of all walks of life. We understand the last minute booty call as for what it is, we are busy sorting out through men because we encounter many of them, and our standards are much higher due to the experience we gain through working in the strip clubs, the lies we encounter, and the ever changing male mind and mood we get to know very well. Today, a man might confess his love to you and tell you he wants to marry you, tomorrow he might be wild for another girl. The male brain is so unstable, and we see it first hand without any filter, without any rose colored glasses. It becomes our reality, and it takes a lot to impress a stripper. We are not desperate to get a date, maybe desperate to get a date with a guy we like because our criteria are set so high it’s almost impossible to win our hearts. So be careful when you are trying to date a stripper. She might not just play hard to get. She might be hard to get!

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