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The official term “ass burgers” will be sooner than later added to the dictionary since this category of species seems to be coming to a rise by the minute. Ass burgers is a socially inept person who firmly believes due to his ineptness, inability to feel compassion for others, and his nature of rudeness he earns privileges and is better than others. This type of species is extremely self-centered, egotistical, arrogant, and not capable of communicating, because he is always right no matter what. Deeply insecure, yet, he has learned to adapt to human species, like we have seen in alien movies, and is very capable of pretending and acting like someone he thinks you would like him to be. But this is not his true nature. He’s a selfish ass with the tendency to talk bullshit like burgers falling out of his ass … Really and assh… in disguise.

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