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My dear Customer,

I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation to you. You have been my most diligent customer, and because of your persistence a real friendship has developed. The club can sometimes be a scary place to go to. There is often jealousy and many people there that aren’t your friends or fans. But you have been a fan of mine for month now, and it is nice to know you’ll be at the bar when I step early onto the floor to start my shift. We have had many meaningful discussions during my shift, and we don’t always agree. But we don’t have to agree. I think, we both have learned to accept each other for what and who we are. I appreciate you. I appreciate you watching and tipping me when I take the stage. I appreciate your respect towards my wishes not to meet you outside of the club respecting my space and family. Not many customers can do that without feeling angry about my decision. I am glad we are able to be friends and build a friendship where I feel safe — in my territory. Thank you for coming early and understanding that when the club gets busy I need to work. You make my life better, and I think I make yours better. Thank you for seeing me. I see you.

Much love from you private dancer Jones

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Even in the strip club relationships and friendships form, especially when a customer comes back over and over again, yes, when he becomes my regular. People think we strippers are only interested in a customer’s money, but that is not true. Although, I choose not to meet my customers outside of the club, I still develop a relationship and friendship with some of them, and if a customer is dear to me, I take interest in his hobbies and the things that he is passionate about. I will even do research about things that are important to my customer if he is worth my attention, and I will listen carefully when he tells me what’s important to him, I will try to give objective advice, and I will try to make a difference in his life.

See, the club is not so much different from the outside world. Because if you care about someone you will care about what’s important to them, you will fuel their success, and support their dreams, and help them through challenges even if it doesn’t directly affect your life. What’s important to them makes them, and a true friend will listen and be there for you even if it isn’t a mutual interest.

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