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Too much dick

Can make you sick

Wear a condom so you are protected

Unless you want to get infected

STDs are all the rage

Doesn’t spare any age

Just remember

The history of that member

What was it doing last September

Whiled you are getting stuffed

Before you he was hitting many muffs

Don’t forget one false night

Can change the rest of your life

It’s not worth it just for pleasure

Use your own fingers on your treasure

If it’s true love get tested

To prevent to get infested

You can have just as much fun

Getting to know each other without cum

Coffee and talking

Holding hands walking

Finding out more

Don’t be a cheap whore

Spare your pussy the despair

And find a man whose worthy and fair

If he loves you he will hold out

Waiting for you to scream and shout

Big blue balls will burst in his pants

When he sees your skirt flutter when you dance

Make sure you hold the mystery

So you both can make worthwhile long lasting history

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Customers tell me this all the time when they propose having sex with me outside the club, and I mention the dangers of contracting an STD and that I do not engage into sexual activities for physical relief only, “But the girls I date are all clean.” Yeah, so are viruses, viruses are actually very clean and they flourish only in specific environments. Viruses are very picky and specific on where they multiply. Maybe humanity should start being more picky as well.

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The club has taught me many things I didn’t know about life, love, humans, sex, and relationships. I had to quickly rethink and start understanding that sex is most of the times not about love. Sex can have many motives and reasons. Some people seek a physical or mental fix through sex. Sometimes, it’s really just about getting off and getting that physical fix. For other people sex is about power, creativity (for some often the only way to express themselves and be who they really are), or it’s simply a game where there is only one winner. I rarely hear people talk about sex in connection with love. Yet, I cannot help to wonder why people engage into sex without love being involved. Yeah, I get the physical relief part, but can’t you get that safer, cheaper, and less complicated by masturbating? Good sex takes a lot of effort and why would you put so much effort and skill into someone you don’t deeply care about? It seems like a waste of energy to me. But maybe, sex has become more like a 24 hour drive through fast food restaurant. You can get your favorite dish any time, any place, with minimal expense, and the jumbo size is available to your convenience because everybody is hungry for more. Wondering which sex fast food consequences we are really facing?

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She confessed to me, “Oh, Jones, I don’t know what to do. The one I love isn’t good for me and cannot reciprocate my love. He is a foolish cheater, and I catch him over and over again. The other one is so sweet and gives me everything, and I am afraid to break his heart. I feel I don’t deserve him, because I am fake with him and don’t really love him. The third is now coming across weirdly dominant, and I don’t know what to think about him either, but we do have good chemistry, and the fourth keeps texting me wildly, and I cannot ward him off much longer. A pentagon is forming, and it’s not the right thing to do.” I nodded my head and tried to calm her, “It is normal what you feel. One man can never give a woman all she needs. Do not feel guilty and just know, even your good guy is just in it for himself. They are all selfish, and they only look out for themselves.”

I believe, human nature is to act out of selfishness and only look for your own good. Everybody wants something from you. Men mostly want sex and admiration. It helps to know who they are and to get to know all of their characteristics and motives. If you still like them, then they can be your friends. If the reveal of their true character disturbs you, then leave them behind. Try to be as selfish as they are. Most importantly do not feel guilty about having more than one contender. But I caution you! Men always leave something behind: sperm, STD, disappointment, judgement, in the least worse scenario stinky socks and dirty underwear. Be smart! Guard your heart and your pussy, because they won’t!

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