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Posted in Stripper Secrets with tags , , , , , , , , on August 21, 2018 by tiltdiary

Once more, the club has taught me a skill that seems to be lifesaving for any life situation: Eagle Perspective! Instead of letting outrageous behavior, rudeness, or negative energy suck me in, I stand back and watch from above. Being able to quietly observe without reacting immediately makes a big difference. Anger makes you blind. But when you’re forced to emotionally detach — which is crucial for club survival — and look at things rather analytically it gets very interesting. Humans’ outrageous behavior can be fascinating. It’s a freak show in itself. Whether you observe strip club customers, drivers on the 101 or 405, whether you see that DJ or your bullying boss trying to gain power of something minuscule, your neighbor over-water his already friend lawn, or your co-worker/co-stripper trying to sabotage you because of their lack of confidence. Start watching and you will be in for a mind blowing shit show …

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