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Depression is on the rise in the USA. People cannot see the tomorrow and drown their sorrow by numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol or trying to get help through psychiatric help and pharmaceutical drugs. Depression and using drugs (and to me anti-depressants and recreational drugs are not much different) has become a norm and not being on substance is actually “abnormal” today. When I tell people I do not drink they think I am a diabetic or a recovering alcoholic. Something has to be wrong with me. When I go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned the receptionist asks me twice about the section that stays empty on my patient information form where they ask me what drugs I am on. Now a days something has to be wrong with you if you aren’t using. Sure, I have had the blues many times in my life. I have lost in 2008 what was most precious to me, but my will to create and be passionate was always stronger than the urge to just give up. I can always look ahead and see the tomorrow no matter what challenges I have to face, but I do know many people who cannot even visualize tomorrow. They are hopeless, helpless, depressed, and don’t know how to change. They give in to the increasing epidemic of modern society: a life in comatose.

But life is so much more than giving in. Life is about creating, expressing, changing, facing your fears, and taking the next challenge. Live with me today. Find your passion, create something, help an animal or a child, open your ears, unclog your nostrils, open your eyes, feel your skin, and start breathing … Life is about what takes your breath away.

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