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I want to ask you

Please take me with you

I want to beg you

Please don’t let go of my hand

I want to tell you

Do not take me back ever

Let me stay

Just for a little longer

And a little longer


But I don’t say anything

I wonder

Is my love strong enough to bring you back

Will the temptation last long enough

Will the seduction continue to be irresistible

Will I be woman enough to hold your interest

Will my eyes be deep enough

Will the spell I never spelled continue

Am really I the intrigue

I want to throw myself on the cold pavement every day

I want to scream because I know I belong in your arms

I want to tremble like a stubborn child and throw a fit

In disbelieve this is happening to me

I know this is right

I know this is meant to be

I know I deserve you

I know I should be yours every day

I know I have the right to love you

I know you love me

But I don’t say anything

I want to stay

I cannot let these moments go

I know I belong in your arms

I know you belong in mine

But I don’t ever say anything

Maybe it’s silence that kills

What if we would honestly admit what we feel

Courageously stand up for the unexplainable

But we don’t say anything

We kiss good-bye

We do what society expects us to do

We both chose misery over passion

We go back to boredom and habit

We do it for the same reasons

We grow more grey hair

We numb ourselves more

It works for you

But I have nothing that can sedate me

My fire is too powerful

My passion like salt on a gaping wound

My heart too inflamed

But I don’t say anything

I will do it again

For seconds of relief

For moments of freedom

For a few hours to forget about my life

I will do it again

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I have become silent

I have shut down my desires

I have forced myself to focus on me

My success

My calling

My creativity

My projects

My priorities

I have become incredibly strong and independent

I miss me

The yearning woman

Craving your secent

Wanting to make you happy

Loving unconditionally

Missing you

Being consumed with you

Waiting for you

Creating for you

Always having you on my mind

Who am I

What have we become



Just shadows of what we could be

I miss us

The fire I would create

How I would take your breath away

Rob you of any sanity left

Turn your world upside down

Stir up your heart

Make your stomach ache

I made us

Then let us go

I miss us