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She was visiting the club on her off night with a friend, and she was a little tipsy. A young girl in her early twenties with not much stage experience. I could see she had collected all of her courage to talk to me as she told me in a very thick Middle Eastern accent, “You know, I started dancing at this club to raise money for the short film I am producing. But I have to tell you, I will never forgot my first night here when I was auditioning and frightened by my performance anxiety, and you talked to me in the dressing room. I don’t know if you remember that night. Of course I remember that night, how could I forget, I remember the exact words of encouragement I told her when she had asked me how you dance sexy. But she repeated my words, “You told me, ‘Go out there and be you. Don’t imitate anybody, don’t try to pretend anything, the most enticing thing in a woman is who she really is deep down inside when she leaves her fears and inhibitions behind even if she’s shy about it. Shyness has it’s very own magnetic charm.’ You changed my life with your loving support, and I want you to know I have written you into my movie, you have a character.” Inspiring people means breathing courage and passion into their souls … now that is a rewarding experience.

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