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Let me spread my wings and fly

Where I need to be so I won’t anymore cry

Let me swallow my own sadness

To forget about your sick madness

Let me be as dark as I have to be

So one day I can let go and break free

After ever storm that rages

There is a peace and quiet that will sooth the stages

Let my heart drown in pain

I cannot sooth it with coocaine

Let me just be

So I can figure out the way out of misery

Let me just suffocate on your cruelty

To one day just find my happiness within me

Just let me spread my wings and fly

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Posted in Jones' wisdom with tags , , , , , , on February 26, 2014 by tiltdiary

The only thing that will hold you back from flying and reaching the limitless sky are your fears and negative thoughts. Do not give them any power, because fear is something other people taught you and told you about, and many of your thought patterns were created by other people’s believes. Let old believes go so you can find who you really are. Be courageous and fierce when you get ready to discover the best in yourself.

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One of  my friends who was unemployed for several years and just started a new job complained to me about her work and co-workers, “I laugh at my boss now … Go ahead fire me, and you can do all your shit by yourself. They are all so dysfunctional, but I am no longer comfortable around it. I made the decision I will no longer live like this. Taking the steps to get out …” This friend of mine is known to only hold a job for as long as it takes to get her unemployment back. I think, she really doesn’t want to work, and when unemployed she spends all day on her couch watching TV. I can see how she doesn’t want to do her bosses “shit.” So I replied to her in all honestly, “We are all dysfunctional … I finally realized the key is to put myself first, be in love with myself, and try to take care of my own dysfunction not worrying about other people’s shit. How many psychos do you think I meet in  the strip club? I give my best and stay true to myself. The rest is up to them. I am here to fix myself, become a better person every day, and find out more about what makes me happy and puts me at peace. I don’t give them even the time of the day. In the big scheme none of these people will matter. They are like a drop in customers; they come and go, and you take whatever money they have to offer and then you look for a more generous and less dysfunctional customer, one that would have the potential to become a regular customer of yours. But you appreciate them all, and especially the lessons they teach you. You learn from each experience and grow stronger. That’s life, and you cannot avoid life sleeping all day on the couch. That would resemble spiritual death while your body is still alive.”

Most of us don’t work their dream job. But it is up to us what we make out of it, it is up to us how we turn things around to make a seemingly unbearable situation a place full of life and possibilities.

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Posted in Stripper Secrets with tags , , , , , , on August 27, 2013 by tiltdiary

Women try to imitate each other all the time. They wear alike shoes, buy similar dresses, jewelery, even try to follow the same makeup trend. I have seen students, friends, even my neighbors try to be a little bit more like Jones. And the club is no exception. There is this particular girl at my club who tries to imitate me, and she takes it even further by trying to steal my very unique stripper moves. On my last shift at the club, MissStealer and I happen to be in the lap dance booth at the same time, and I noticed she was trying to pull one of my signatures lap dance moves on her guy. Shortly after I got out of the lap dance booth the guy MissStealer had danced for walked up to me and told me, “Don’t tell this the girl who just gave me a lap dance, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you while she was dancing for me. She is nice, but you are magical! Would you mind giving me a few private dances?”

What makes a woman magical is her uniqueness, her own way of moving and dancing, and living entirely in her own body. You cannot steal someone else’s moves or looks. It won’t work. The challenge is to find your own way of moving and being, and with this discovery comes liberation. The secret key to being irresistible is being fully YOU.

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A woman who is not afraid of her own touch, the way her hair feels when she runs her fingers through it, the way she feels her skin tickle under her fingertips when she traces down her neck, to her chest, all the way down to her belly, tracing her soft, velvety thighs, and teasing her own toes into excitement and a prickly feeling that will project a seductive smile onto her face. A woman like this, caught up in her own world of femininity, is a powerful source of magnetism and desire. Nothing can disturb her once she has connected to her inner twin, the woman who can win the world with just a sensual strut, making heads turn wherever she goes. A woman like this cannot be disturbed by camera lights, the clicking of the camera, men walking in, or any judgement that humans will put upon her. Because she is complete in this moment of indulging her own beauty, curves, and freedom to express.

Photo by Nanette Gonzales Photography

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