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A creative collaboration where masterminds melt together to make others feel and create art has always been my biggest weakness and temptation.  — A.A. Jones 

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Inflamed by his art

The artist has gotten to my soul

Inflamed me

Woke me

Like I wake others

Universal exchange


And finally experiencing what I longed for so deeply

Made into artistry

Transformed into visual music

Played like soft strings

To create



Universal exchange





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Are you stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy? Do you think, if you had a better job, new car, bigger house, different children, if you would be in better shape, if your partner wouldn’t do this or that…then you would be really happy? Did you ever think about being too busy and focused on the flaws in your life instead of focusing on the beautiful plants (one of them is your partner) you have already growing and that would give you magical flowers and bring joy to you if you would spend your energy on tending and watering them instead of wasting time and energy on dreaming about the better job, better tomorrow, or what more money would buy you? Appreciate what you already have and nurture it. The biggest treasure might be already right front of you but you might be just to busy being miserable in order to notice it. Stop being blinded by the bling that’s distracting you and look at the creation of your own life. It might be more than you are ever able to dream of. Become aware!

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20131123-112548.jpgEven I do understand the necessity of balancing work and pleasure. I could not leave Miami without visiting South Beach. God’s creation is amazing. And I am thankful for all the  Miami moments and adventures. Wrapping it up here and heading back to the West Coast to do some more tilting.

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nanettegonzales_aa-jones-2939Love lives through imagination and becomes alive through expression and creation. Unexpressed love is like a seed you never water. It is useless and will never sprout, grow, or bloom.

Loving without giving, without creating for this person, and without selflessly expressing is useless energy that will suffocate your yearning heart. Love without action, expression, and generosity means nothing.

Sing with me, dance with me, write with me, passionately inflamed, taking all the risks it takes, freely expressing what you feel even if the favor is not returned. I am a woman in love, and I will always create for the ones I love. Fearlessly! Forever!

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