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FullSizeRender-2 (10)My joy, my love, my happiness, my all.

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Tonight I feel like I will never love again

I don’t want another man

Dog kisses and wet noses

They replace all those forgotten roses

The most beautiful girl on the floor

So many are knocking on my door

You broke the wrong girl’s heart

Made my reality taste bitter and tart

Only dog kisses and soft paws

They have never had any flaws

The bed sheets are cold

Like snow flakes that fold

And stack on top of each other

At least I wish I could hold my mother

Dog kisses and floppy ears

Celebrating with them many honest years

Dog kisses and wagging tails

Are the only happiness but it’s frail

Dog kisses and souls full of love

Never live long enough

The heart can only break so many times

Till it hardens and commits the worst suicide crime

Dog kisses and the musky coonhound scent

Will make me live through this last tragic end

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nanettegonzales_ellie-1030They take my sorrow away, sooth my soul, understand the way I feel,  and know my heart like no one will ever know it. They shower me with honesty, always come through for me, and only give 100% in our relationship, never judging me, loving me for who I am, and licking the wounds of my sliced heart. Without them my life would be nothing. They make me laugh and always put me first. They are perfect the way they are, we let each other be and appreciate each other for who we are, not trying to change each other. They are my world of peace, understanding, and love.

They have only one false: They do not live long enough!

This is my Ellie Mae, the sister of my beloved Jed, who had to leave us in August 2008. I write about my Jed in “Tilt”. Never got over the fact that he left, and I had to stay. But much work is to do here on earth for me, and I am blessed to still have my Ellie Mae, one out of 5 pack members. How lucky am I to live with the hounds.

Photo by Nanette Gonzales Photography

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