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I had watched him all night long. He had spent most of the time at the bar. He had drank many drinks and talked to all the girls except me. I had stayed away from of him because I had felt the darkness surround him. As the night came to an end the cloud of darkness had grown, and I would’ve not even thought about initiating a conversation. Although, I carry protection on me and have a guardian spirit team built around me that I would never leave behind when on a shift at the club, I didn’t want to be confronted with his energy. When I took a seat at the bar next to an Asian guy who apparently was more entertained by the news about Korea and Trump on the TV, Mr. DemonForce took the free seat next to me. He grabbed my left hand and squeezed it tight. I turned away from Mr. Asia and looked into Mr. DemonForce’s steel blue, piercing eyes. I saw him … He introduced himself and outed his Swedish origin. A good looking, well dressed man in his 40s with a thick Swedish accent obviously very drunk. Then he ask me if I would dance for him privately. He had not done any dances with any of the other girls all night long. It felt as if he had specifically kept an eye open for me, for those last dances with me that we could squeeze in before the night would end and last call for alcohol would be announced. I hesitated for a second. When you have dark forces in front of you you need to way your options carefully. You need to be sure you’re still strong enough to withstand the pull of the darkness and not risk a dangerous encounter when your energies mix in a lap dance. At the end of a shift you can be tired and weak. It had been a long night, but I knew too, dancing for Mr. DemonForce would make my shift worth while, plus there’s always the curiosity to find out more about your own spiritual strength as well as the other person’s strength, wherever it comes from. Some people are occupied by foreign energies that might want to attach to you, leach your bright energy from you, or try to infiltrate the light within you. You have to be cautious. Especially, when they are drunk. Alcohol brings out the Demon, often strengthens it within.  
I checked in with my team of protection. They were on full alert. I took a breath and told Mr. DemonForce, “I would be delighted to dance for you.” As we walked into the lap dance booth holding hands I could feel the eyes of the other girls trying to pierce my body like tiny, little daggers. They hated me for getting this man into the lap dance room while they had tried all night long without any success. Now I would cash in on this guy without much effort at all.
Our dance began. Mr. DemonForce leaned back. I could feel a streak of violence and sexual aggression in this body. I knew I had to very careful. You cannot allow a second of weakness in a dance like this where many forces come together. As I braced my powerful, strong hands against his shoulders sinking deep into his energy field he looked me once more with his steel blue, piercing eyes into my darkblue eyes. He said in his broken English, “I see everything. I can see you. I know exactly who you are. ” He was trying to intimidate me, but I didn’t let it get to me. I replied, “Oh really. What do you think I am? What do you see in me?” Him again, “I know you. I know who you are. I know what you are. I saw it. I see you.” Me looking straight at him, “I see you too! Who do you think I am?” He exhaled heavily, “You are a witch. That’s why I picked you to dance for me. You are like no other. You’re sexy as hell.”
There’s white and black witches, and black witches can turn to white ones and visa versa. I replied, “You indeed can see me. So if I am a witch, what are you?” It took him by surprise that I admitted I was a witch. I could see that. I come from a long line of Croatian witches. I used to be rather dark, now I try to stay on the bright side. I call myself a lightworker, but the border between light and darkness in very vague.
I asked him again, “Who are you if you can see me so easily?” He laughed mischievously, and then he surprised me with his answer, “I am the devil!”
While I don’t think the man was the devil in person, I do think the alcohol brought the devil out in him. He was capable of seeing some of me which most people don’t. He knew I was deeply rooted and connected to the other side. And he taught me an important lesson: as much as I hate alcohol and what it does to people, if you carefully embrace the right demons they can actually be beneficial to your life. I danced many dances for Mr. DemonForce. The devil made my night!

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