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The two ladies admired my umbrella, and one of them said to the other, “See, I could be on an island in Croatia right now.” The other one, “Oh, that would be just wonderful. But we are stuck here.” Me, “Ladies, Croatia is wonderful but don’t forget to appreciate what you have right now here in LA. Most buildings in Croatia have no AC, and in some areas there are vicious, attack mosquito that sting you day and night. We don’t have that here in LA. There’s always two sides to the story. Dreaming about a place is definitely more perfect than being in a place.” The grass is not always greener on the other side of the sea even though it might look like that on a postcard.

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Think about it, before you ask the dancer of your dreams to meet you outside of the club. Because there are many benefits to meeting the girl of your fantasies at the club:

1. It’s most likely cheaper to meet inside the club than outside the club especially if you both are drinkers. A good dinner with drinks at a decent restaurant will leave you bleeding without having enjoyed a lap dance or two.

2. If you visit at the club she is going to want to see you for sure.

3. She will look her best, because we strippers put much effort into our looks when on duty. Plus, the club light ads a touch of charm and puts us in the right lighting.

4. You will appear much better as well. The red and blue club lights will fade out your wrinkles and make you look much younger and better than the lighting in the outside world.

5. Meeting outside of the club will not guarantee you to see your girl in sexy lingerie, cute outfits, and high heels. Even if she wears her most beautiful dress to the date she will be fully dressed.

6. She has time for you at the club and can dedicate her full attention to you. That might not apply to a date outside of the club … her mother could call or other things might come up while at dinner.

7. Her shift at the club is between 6-8 hours. You can decide how long you want to stay. A date outside of the club is less controllable.

8. The club is a cool chill place to be. It’s a fantasy place for you to relax and get away from the outside world. Don’t underestimate that fact.

Now you probably think of your goal to get laid outside of the club without paying for the girls attention. I hate to break it to you, but every man pays for female attention. Married men pay the most and most of the time end up with no or minimal female attention from their wives. After all, the club is not that expensive and it’s a no brainer date with a fun time guaranteed if you can follow some simple common courtesy rules. Don’t underestimate what life offers you and start appreciating what you have, because always thriving for more and something else might not necessarily up the fun.

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Are you stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy? Do you think, if you had a better job, new car, bigger house, different children, if you would be in better shape, if your partner wouldn’t do this or that…then you would be really happy? Did you ever think about being too busy and focused on the flaws in your life instead of focusing on the beautiful plants (one of them is your partner) you have already growing and that would give you magical flowers and bring joy to you if you would spend your energy on tending and watering them instead of wasting time and energy on dreaming about the better job, better tomorrow, or what more money would buy you? Appreciate what you already have and nurture it. The biggest treasure might be already right front of you but you might be just to busy being miserable in order to notice it. Stop being blinded by the bling that’s distracting you and look at the creation of your own life. It might be more than you are ever able to dream of. Become aware!

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Looking back

Will make you slack

Spending time in sorrow

Will make you miss out on tomorrow

Thinking about what you should have had

Will make you suffer and be sad

Dreaming where you could’ve been

Will make you lose all you could win

Living in denial

Will bring you the hardest trial

Live in the moment of simple pleasures

And it will open the door to the world’s greatest treasures

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Posted in Jones' wisdom with tags , , , , , , , , , on December 24, 2013 by tiltdiary

Like every year, he handed me an envelope with my Christmas bonus for teaching him therapeutic Yoga year after year. But this time he looked at me and asked me, “If there would be one thing you could buy to make you happy what would it be?” I thought for a moment and answered, “To be honest, there is nothing I want or need in order to find happiness. In 2013 I have found everything I ever wanted and there is nothing I could buy that would make my life significantly better. I will probably go and buy my dogs some bones, because it will fill my heart with joy to see them excited about their Christmas gift. That will make me even happier.” He said, “I have never heard anybody say that. What do you think made you achieve everything you want?” I explained, “I finally have understood that the universe grants us any treasure when we are able to love what we have, stay true to ourselves, and listen to the heart to always follow it. The heart just knows in the end.”

And this is what I wish to all of my readers around the world: may you cherish the life you have and everything the universe has granted you. May you stay true to your heart, always and forever, to attract the right people (sometimes back) into your life and let go of the ones that aren’t helping you to be who you really are, the ones that don’t bring the best out in you. May we all be the best today just to be even better tomorrow. Wishing you a beautiful, meaningful, happy Holiday Season!

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