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Photo by Khari, @khari 

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Romance never goes unpunished. — A.A. Jones 

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He was visiting from New York and in his mind it was all set in stone, “We are destined to be together.” He was so sure I was in for it when he said, “It doesn’t matter how long it will take till we have sex. I am willing to wait, but I will sure make you feel good.” Most men think you need someone to make you feel good. They don’t understand you can feel good by yourself, maybe, even better without a men. But when men visit the strip club it’s not about me, or my truth, or what I want or need. They are allowed to live the dream, their fantasy, their delusion. This is how they recharge. But most married men are harmless. They just like to talk about it, dream out loud. They are desperate for an accomplice who won’t destroy their fantasy. It’s not that we are the fantasy or the strip club is. But it is a place where they can live for a few hours their fantasy or call it delusion without the wife or the kids destroying their little virtual affair with the hot chick. In the end, most of them will just return the way they came. The most they could pull off is a one night stand right then and there. If that never happens — and I advice you to stay out of it — it won’t go further. They are satisfied enough with the fantasy of what could happen if they reach out to you and meet you again “not for business,” meaning outside of the club where they think they wouldn’t have to pay you for your time — although, they pay the wife daily for her time without even getting sex from her. Most married men aren’t capable of actually having an affair. Most of them do not understand the power of the mistress nor the responsibility that comes with having one. They are just like little boys navigating a remote controlled locomotive that is suppose to pull a bunch of carts, but in truth their locomotive is too weak to pull any carts, and if anybody is holding the remote control then it’s their wives. But married men like to think that they are in charge.
So, when they leave their playground — the strip club — it all goes back to the grind. The only thing that’s left in a married man’s brain is that he could’ve had sex, an affair, an adventure with the hot stripper he spent money on. And the money he spent was all worth spending, because it’ll make him a better father, a better husband dreaming about what could’ve been, might be, some day, one day, … sometime … And that will keep them alive through gruesome, sexless, lonely nights laying with that wife who doesn’t want to have much to do with them anymore except when it comes to business transactions and managing the daily responsibilities of picking up and dropping off the kids.
God bless us strippers who keep the marriages intact.

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The love, the hate

You think it’ll make you break

The passion, the defeat

It swoops you off your feet

You think you need to surrender and let it die

But the thought alone of letting go makes you cry

You don’t want to feel it anymore

It makes you feel like a slave and a whore

He asks if you put him under a spell

You just want to scream at him and yell

Can he not understand the the way the universe does move

How much more is there to prove

 A fool is full of fear and doubt

Every child knows the sun kiss will kill the trout

There he’s trying to swim on dry land

The only thing that can save him is to reach for my winning hand

 Photography by Ed Magik Photography,

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