I was always up for mischief. I was always into creating. But with the pandemic raging and collaborating with other people being rather impossible, I have lost the desire to create. It seems the focus is on staying healthy, strong, taking care of myself and my family (my fur and feathery noses/beak). The focus is survival because I feel extremely vulnerable and not at all protected. Every day is a new day of ambush by the people who don’t believe in covid-19, who don’t believe in social distancing, who don’t believe in wearing a mouth and nose cover. These people are absolutely entitled to their opinion but they do not have the right to force their believes on the people who are believers and want to wear a mask. If you tell someone who comes too close to you that you’re still social distancing they make fun of you. And they creep closer and closer. It appears that you’re forced to succumb to their belief-system. It appears that you’re forced to their way of life without having a choice. That feels like daily rape. All you try to do is stay away from people. Because you don’t know who is safe and who isn’t. You don’t know who is smart enough to get it even if they share your believes. Therefore, you choose your fur noses and feathery fellas over any human contact. Because being raped daily is no fun. Please respect everybody’s space no matter what your belief is. Please be respectful and social distance no matter what. If you’re blessed with strong immunity and fearless you should protect the weak and fearful even more. We don’t ask you to wear a corset or an impossible outfit that suffocates you. Simple wear a mask which athletes use for decades to improve performance. There’s no drawback in wearing a mask. You will just breath filtered air and if you live in a polluted city your body will thank you. Be nice my strong, fearless friends. Do it for others …

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