You say you’re somehow addicted to strippers. What does that mean? Tell me why you seek the company of strippers over the company of women who don’t dance?

Actually, the complete answer isn’t as black and white as that. I would actually say both “No” and “Yes.”


I would say “No” because it’s not entirely in the visceral way most might be thinking. One of the reasons I would say I am not addicted to strippers is because I frequent strip clubs simply because I need someplace to go as a 40-something divorced, single male. I’m too old to go to the dance clubs I used to go to and strip clubs usually have patrons of a wide variety of ages. I live less than a mile from the strip club I always go to. That club is very welcoming and friendly. So with all of those factors combined, going to the strip club just makes sense for me. Consequently, some may view me going to the strip club as a symptom of being addicted to dancers. However, it is hard to forgo the convenience, conversation, and familiarity of any place. If I didn’t go there, I would not get out and go to any other places that often. I will go somewhere else when I get a call from my married friends every six weeks or so when they happen to have a night off. It sounds ridiculous, but if I want to ever want to get out of my house for social activity, that ends up usually being my best option. When I first started going at 40, it was a good, less introspective event for me. Almost every time I’ve gone for the last year or so, I wake up feeling disgust and regret.


I would say “Yes” I am addicted to strippers because I do have a general affinity for them. I admit that I’m extremely shallow and vain. My proclivity for strippers is partially due to their looks, their beauty. However, the lust is not entirely about the accompanying gratuitous sexuality and nakedness. Those components are a bonus, but I really just appreciate and admire gorgeous women and want to be around them. Of course, there are many beautiful women everywhere in life. But where else is a guy in his 40s going to readily have access to several of them under one roof. The other reason I would say that I’m addicted to strippers has to do with how they got to dancing in the first place and who they intrinsically tend to be. I’m speaking in generalities here and of course there are many exceptions. In my conversations with dozens of dancers, I often found their stories to be the same and that the stereotypes are frequently true in regards to their backgrounds. Dancers usually come from a harsh upbringing of some sort and are broken. The psychiatric reasoning for working in the industry due to past sexual abuse was all too common. Many of them dealt with the same insecurities as I did growing up, and to over-compensate, they utilize their newfound beauty to demand the approval they were never able to reap growing up. They use their sexuality to control their environment and to provide the authority over it that they never had before. In my opinion, strippers are generally, at a minimum, somewhat wild and exciting. Given their profession, they are often social outcasts living on the fringe of what most call normality. For better or worse, I am attracted to these elements.

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