4) Tell me about your first lap dance and what it triggered in you

Well, I obviously didn’t get a lap dance when I was 21. 😂 The first time I got a lap dance was when I was 40 and it was probably after the first few times of going back to a strip club after 19 years. I was traveling for work and my client’s limo driver hooked me up in a champagne room. I was not yet a strip club regular and still had only been to a strip club a handful of times. I didn’t know what to do – how to act and behave. The lovely dancer tried her best to dance and entice me, but my concern was really about her. I asked her how she was and if she was comfortable. I didn’t want her to feel like she was obligated to dance for me. I felt awkward just sitting there with a beautiful woman dancing on me, while knowing I cannot touch her. Again, I didn’t know how to act. Ultimately, I told her I just wanted to talk and drink. So, that’s what we did for about four hours and I loved every minute of it.

5) You say you had sex with a few strippers. Was this business, love and pleasure or both?

When I started going to strip clubs again at 40, I thought of hooking up with a stripper for the first time as a challenge, a goal, and a dream. I realize that sounds terrible, but I’m being honest about my thoughts. Let’s face it, nearly all the guys that go to strip clubs dream of the same thing, that is why they are there. However, not many make it a personal goal like it was a triathlon to finish.

So, I initially took a studious approach to my strip club visits when I first went back to them. I had a few go-to questions and replies that I always used. I didn’t go to the stages, I rarely got lap dances, but I always bought them drinks. When I had the extra money, I would buy them off the list just so we could go to a table and drink and talk. I tried to break the barriers down and get to really know the person behind the stage name. Now, it wasn’t as calculating as it may sound. I did go to the strip club to have fun and I really did have a strong interest in the dancers’ lives. I craved all the stories. They fascinated me. All of these things usually did open up to me. I became very popular with many of the girls and they always welcomed me graciously when I went to the club.

One of the dancers and I talked in depth every time I went. However, she eventually stopped working at the club I frequent. About six months later, after never hearing from her, she called me and said, “It occurred to me that maybe you wanted more than just friendship.” She had moved out of town, but was coming back. She wanted to know if I wanted to visit her at her hotel. Well, I was pretty clueless, or didn’t want to believe. I asked her if I could take her to dinner beforehand. Essentially, I thought she was asking to go on dates and get to know each other more outside of the club. When the day came for us to meet up, she started asking about money. Duh me! Of course, she was asking me to pay her for sex. I got the sense she didn’t know what she was doing, as she struggled to skirt around the proposition. I told her no and that I don’t need to pay for sex. But I also told her she should have just came to me as a friend and ask for money if she was having financial problems.

The first time I actually did have sex with a stripper it was for pleasure, in line with my goals at the time. I’ve already stated I wouldn’t pay for sex, but I guess it is not so black and white. I definitely gave this girl lots of tips and handouts at the strip club just to gain, and keep, access to her throughout the night. I don’t know what that means really. It did work and eventually we left and had sex. Nothing special really. We hung out for about three weeks after and did a few things outside of the club. It didn’t live up to any fantasy I may have had, but I did accomplish my goal. While it sounds wrong, I could cross it off the list.

At that time, even though the first dancer wasn’t really memorable, I continued to strive to hook up with strippers. The next one I slept with was I guess more business-like. It started out, and remained, like a “sugar daddy/baby” sort of thing. We went out and did things, she came to my house a lot just to hang out, and we had a lot of sex. There was never a discussion or agreement that I would pay her for sex. However, she had a young boy and was struggling a lot. Since I had the extra money, I helped her out a lot financially. Eventually, she probably thought that this was in fact an agreement. This went on for a couple of months until I reluctantly ended it.

The next one was initially about lust and transitioned into love. She was the stripper I was really always seeking. She was the anomaly that I always wondered if actually existed. But forget the fact she was a stripper, because that was quickly forgotten and doesn’t matter, she was the one girl I wondered if actually existed in my entire universe. It is a long-complicated story that is probably too much for here. Needless to say, she crushed me like no other person ever has in my life. After that, I needed some outlet to heal, so I started my first blog about the struggle. The crush of that ending changed me so deeply and I still think about her every day.

6) Do you prefer strippers as sex partners and if yes why?

From a sexual perspective, I don’t think it necessarily matters. I may prefer it because of their beauty and because I often find that we share similar struggles. However, if I could find the same thing in my regular life, I don’t think it would matter. And I do believe women with those attributes do readily exist out there. I just can’t find them. With a strip club, the beautiful lost souls are all congregated in one place. I don’t mean that as a putdown or a negative, as I am too a lost soul and appreciate the connection with the same.

Even though I loved it, I almost never get lap dances. I know many of the dancers at the strip club I frequent. They all know not to ask me for a dance. But every once in a while, a new dancer will come along and try to pitch me on a dance. I listen to their pitch, laugh, then tell them no, but give them $20 for trying.

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