Interview with a strip club customer


“I’m not sure if anything I’ve written will offend anyone. Nonetheless, I think it is important to be honest and not censor one’s thoughts. From your blogs perspective, I think it is important to present a male’s perspective. Whether good or bad, isn’t it important to know and try and understand. Almost every stripper-related blog I’ve come across prohibits those that are not strippers or sex workers from contributing. I don’t understand how anyone expects to learn and grow by immersing oneself in similar thoughts and ideology, never being questioned or presented with an alternate view. While one doesn’t have to prescribe to that other viewpoint, I think it is important to be confronted with it and try to understand it.”


1) Please tell me you name, age, astrological sign, birth place, relationship status. Can you tell me more about your relationship with your mother and father?

Name = Noah Corbin.

Age = 40s

Sign = Capricorn

Birth Locale = Warren, PA, U.S.A

Relationship Status = Divorced

Parent Relationship  My parents roles and my overall upbringing could be described as classical 1950s or before (even though I was born much later than that). My mom is white (Eastern European) and was born in the U.S. She was a stay-at-home mom and was the nurturer and loving and caring one. Like those traditional times, she was the “softer” one of the two, and the one who you went to for compassion. However, that didn’t make her easy to live with. She was anal retentive and obsessive compulsive which mainly manifested in her desire for cleanliness. She was always cleaning, often at 1am. She put sheets and plastic over the furniture and nagged us kids nonstop for this or that being dirty or messy. Ultimately, it was uncomfortable in our own house as I was always unsettled by thought of dirtying something.


My dad is Filipino and was born there in the Philippines. My father was a traditional male. He was the sensible, logical, and practical one. His traditional male attributes were compounded by his Asian upbringing and roots. He was very much a stereotypical Asian, meaning he was cold, calculating, and unemotional. Like a robot, it seemed he had no sensitivities or feelings toward the world, himself, or his kids. My father was not loving and not someone to come to with problems. He was unapproachable and someone to be feared. He was a perfectionist to the tenth power and always demanded excellence. That manifested through constant, unrelenting criticism of everything I did or said. Everything was wrong. Even today, my father will criticize me for how I wash the dishes, how I drive, what I wear. Needless to say, I did not have a relationship with my father.


2) How old were you when you visited a strip club for the first time? 21 years old

3) Tell me about your first strip club visit and what it meant to you?

Quite honestly, the first time I went to a strip club it meant nothing to me, as I hardly even wanted to go to a strip club. At the time, I had that stereotypical attitude that many young males have regarding going to strip clubs i.e. what’s the point of paying for a tease, strippers are just after one thing, strippers are whores, etc. During those times, I really had no interest in going to a strip club and was not even really curious about them. However, one day my friend and I were bored, but didn’t feel like going to our regular bars, so we thought we would try and go somewhere new and different. Ironically, it is the same strip club that I frequent today. Consistent with my attitude at the time, I wasn’t amused, I didn’t have fun, and apparently I was very bored as a dancer on stage looked at my friend, and I and said, “You know, you could be at a worse place than this right now!” Ouch! My disinterest in her and the strip club were painfully obvious. I did not go to another strip club for 19 years!

Stay tuned for Noah opening up about his first lap dance …

You can check out Noah’s site



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