On March 21st 2020, I was contacted through my blog, in the light of Covid-19, by a gentleman who claimed to be passionate about helping his friends, who are strippers in Colorado, who have been struck with financial hardship due to the club closings. Here is what I received via email:

“Stripper Life is a site dedicated to all things stripping. It is a centralized location for stripper stories, news, club ratings, shopping, support, and advocacy. The site also features an internal social network where members can create their own discussions, befriend each other, join groups, and chat. Unlike most other related blogs, membership and posts are not limited to just strippers or sex workers. Their patrons and any other interested people are welcomed. The aim is to provide all perspectives surrounding the Stripper Life.”


“My name is Noah, and I am a male, strip-club VIP, and stripper addict. I do not state those as a matter of pride, but rather as a statement of fact. If anything, I am uneasy with those proclamations. Given these facts, I imagine some dancers will be turned off by me being the creator of this website/blog.”

My curiosity was immediately sparked, Noah Corbin had created a Go Fund Me page additionally to his website in order to raise money for the dancers who were left from one day to the other without income. But that wasn’t what had peaked my interested. This was a man who admitted openly that he was addicted to strippers. I immediately had the impulse to find out more about what’s going on in our customers’ heads, something I can only sense as an intuitive. Would I get a man to talk about it and open the fascinating world of stripping from another viewpoint?
I found out later that Noah was rejected and even disrespected by dancers he had approached in regards to voicing his experiences with dancers on their sites. The fact, that my fellow dancers would criticize me and even look down on me for allowing a man to speak from his perspective made it even more appealing to me to come up with an interview and give a man the chance to share his strip club experiences.
You might wonder why? You might even hate me for it (especially if you are a stripper). But my experience in the strip club was always that stripping was only possible because of the men that would go to strip clubs and understand how it works. Without them none of us dancers could’ve ever made a living. And while I learned that many of my co-strippers hated their customers or at least talked about them in that way, I always had much respect for the men that I chose to spend my time with. Some of them were great guys. All of them, such as myself had good and bad sides — isn’t that the nature of any relationship? I deeply respect my customers, and I think fondly of many of them, even the ones that tried for me to go home with them after spending an evening with me in the club. You cannot tell me that your friends (women as well as men) outside of the strip club never cross the line. It happens all the time inside and outside the strip club.
I’m excited to share over the next few days some insights about Noah’s life and how he perceives his relationships with dancers who actually aren’t strippers at this time since most of the dancers in the world (for our own protection) are on lock down during the pandemic that will change the world and the strip club experience forever.

If you like to find out more about Noah Corbin’s page or Go Fund Me page just click

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