Like on so many nights, we were sitting at the bar scanning the room for potential customers. I leaned in and confessed to Abby, “I would rather go and do a private dance for any of these guys than have a conversation with them.” Abby answered not even flinching, “I totally understand what you mean.” And we continued to stare into the empty rather than trying to start up a conversation with any of these dudes. I know it doesn’t seem to make sense to any regular mortal but conversations take it out on you with these energy sucking humans. At least, when you dance you can enjoy yourself and get all into it, but when you have to listen to boring subjects without earning anything back from it — often not even an energetic payoff, when you have to pull each word out of a guys nose, when they tell you the same shit over and over again, when they just come to talk … sometimes, it gets so boring you want to commit suicide. We are suppose to be dancers, strippers who get you turned on  … we are not suppose to be your conversational garbage can you often even take a dump into.
Therefore, Abby and I chose to stay seated and not put any effort into a conversation with any of these customers. After all, we sell lap dances, and if a guy wants one he can walk up to you and beg for one.

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