Every girl at the club who stays there for a longer period of time develops her own routine. Some are always late and not ready on the floor by 10 p.m. or even 11 p.m. Some wear the same outfit over and over. Some stretch and practice pole tricks when it’s slow (especially at the beginning of the shift), others don’t come out of the dressing room till the club gets really busy. You get to know each girl’s little kinks and routines.

However, when a new DJ is hired it all changes. Girl who are chronically late show up on time or even early. Girls who never wear makeup are all of a sudden all dolled up. The girls that never stretch before the stage show begins are suddenly stretching like they are preparing for a track meet show. The new outfits and shoes sparkle, and it almost seems there’s a competition on who get the new man in the house first. This type of desperation in women doesn’t make me like my own kind. I wonder what it is? And in their defense while a new DJ can bring fresh wind to an old club it shouldn’t be them courting the new guy … Seems their all beguiled …

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