He’s a regular at my club, and I’ve danced privately for him many times before. But tonight, he’s ready to make his move to get me to meet him outside of the club. First, he recaps that it isn’t right for a beautiful woman like me not to go out or know famous bars like the “Rainbow Bar.” He suggests to take me there. I explain that since I don’t drink it’s really pointless for me to go to a bar. Him feeling victorious, “They have great food there like pizza. I’ll take you to dinner there. Give me your phone number.” I explain again, “I only eat vegan food, so pizza isn’t really my thing.” He has a solution for this as well, “I know great vegan restaurants.” Me, “Really, like what?” He can’t think of the names of the countless vegan restaurants he knows but he’s becoming more commanding, “Give me your phone number now!” I say politely, “No, thank you.” And then he has it all figured out, “I know now. Since you don’t drink you can be my designated driver when we go out.” We went from a drink invitation to a vegan dinner all the way to me becoming his chauffeur 😳😝🙄

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