Two guys, hipsters, walk into the strips club as the DJ announces last call for alcohol. Emma and I go over there to check them out. The waitress rushes over to see if they want to order a last minute drink. They deny.  Then the DJ blasts over the mic, “Guys, this is the last girl on stage, after that lap dances only.” Emma asks one of the guys, “Do you want to go and do a lap dance?” He shakes his head no. I already know the other guy isn’t going to spend a penny, they came for the free show. But my guy can tell I figured him out, and I guess, he feels embarrassed about his own cheapness, and he starts justifying, “My friend is visiting from out of town, and I just brought him here to show him the area.” I feel like I don’t hear right. He really believes he can cover up his cheap ass with this hidious explanation acting like the strip club is some kind of sightseeing tour of a famous museum. Men!!! 😫

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