There’s no pay! Stripping is like gambling. You can hit the jackpot or go empty handed. You can lose money too. Every club charges a house fee every dancer pays to work there. Most clubs take a certain amount of money per lap dance. And then, at the end of the shift you have to tip out. Most of the time the DJ gets 10-20% of what you made.  Bouncer/s get between 5-10% as well from what you earned. In some clubs you have to tip the bar tenders and manager as well. Depending on where you work you can leave up to 60% of what you earned to the club and the people you’re suppose to tip.
We do not get an hourly wage. We are independent contractors who work for tips and make money by doing dances. It is rude when people come to the strip club to enjoy a “free” show to grab a cold beer. They should just go to their neighborhood bar instead. A skilled strip club customer knows the rules and respects the hard working dancers.

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