Working as an exotic dancer does require a basic level of fitness in order to be able to perform multiple sets on stage throughout a 6-8 hours shift. Even if you’re not a pole dancer exotic dance like any dance is physically demanding. I also feel it is of benefit to live a healthy lifestyle and be mindful so you can last in this profession — like in any other profession really. I personally have never been on a diet. I believe in a clean, healthy lifestyle. I cherish my body very much and take very good care of it to honor it and avoid injuries or health crisis. But I think most dancers/people don’t think like me. I think dieting is a thing very common for women. So many dancers do diet and the yoyo effect is often obvious. I know in some clubs they would weigh their dancers and fire them if they gained too much weight. But I’ve never worked at a club like that. I think we dancers are very aware of the fact that our bodies are our insurance and sure we do want to look as good as possible.

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