I get these requests all the time. When a woman somehow finds out that I am a stripper by night, she all of a sudden becomes my best friend — well, at least for the duration of her fantasy trip. She will ask me to take her along, she wants to dance with me at my club. She wants to work a Saturday night shift with me, yeah, she wants to jump right in on a top weekend night when the club is packed. She dreams about her moment of fame and how stripping will get her out of financial trouble while sexually invigorating her. Often, this type of woman is not even equipped with the stamina it will take to walk in high heels for just an hour not to mention survive a six hour night shift on the pole in them. She has no stamina, often never danced — except the ballet lessons she was forced to take when she was three years young, nor does she have any current workout routine. But she thinks everybody can work as a stripper. Because stripping seems to have the last resort job image for any woman who can’t do anything else. And if I’ll put in a good word for her with management she won’t even have to audition to work at my club. She can just show up whenever she wants because she is so irresistible. And of course, she will be naturally a top income earner from the get go … she will just know how to navigate the strip club … because she is a natural. Men will throw themselves at her.
I hate to break it to you ladies, but stripping is one of the most difficult profession to get into and stay into. Many try but few succeed.

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