I think I cannot remember a single shift where I did not have an unpleasant or I call it a challenging experience. I think it’s the nature of the profession. Although, the law protects us, and it is illegal to touch us dancers nobody really follows the law. We get groped, slapped on the derrière, people say inappropriate things all the time … And when you remind customers that they cannot touch you it will be always blamed on you, “I thought you wanted me to slap your ass,” or, “Well, I am a gentlemen but you just bring it out in me.” In the mind of the customers it’s your fault if you’re violated. And it’s not just men who grope us. Women do it too. 

You have to grow a thick skin, and you have to learn how to protect yourself, escape the slap, and move quickly away to avoid and “accidental” kiss or lick. It is about walking a fine line between protecting yourself and wearing your tough stripper shield without becoming numb or bitter. You have to have insights, understanding, and compassion for humanity in order to survive the strip club and be a successful exotic dancer. 

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