Yes, I have been violated, treated badly, and disrespected while dancing. But I have had also many wonderful experiences as an exotic dancer. I guess it’s like in every profession. The Harvey Weinsteins are praying on you, except that when you get violated as an exotic dancers it’s your own fault because you choose this profession and you’re asking for it wearing skimpy clothes and walking around in sexy lingerie. If I would take my sexual assaulters to court society would laugh at me. But if Angelina Jolie takes her violator to court the world is appalled. The world differentiates between regular women and strippers. So if anything bad happens to a stripper it’s her own fault. Meanwhile, we are all just women trying to make a buck, trying to feed our kids, helping our families to live better lives, pay our way through college … But society doesn’t see it that way. My passion is to make people understand that dancers are very sensitive human beings, sometimes, even more sensitive than “regular women.” We have feeling too. Yet, in order to survive in this profession, we have to be tough enough to brush it off and continue to dance …

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