I grew up in a very safe, shielded, functional, and protective family. I never saw my parents drunk, not even tipsy. I myself have never had the to urge to drink or try any substance.  We grew up without Western drugs and were used to alternative ways of dealing with health issues. 

The club in particularly makes me realize how little regard people have for their own health. Alcohol and drugs are the norm in this world, and like with everything the club puts a magnifying glass to this issue as well. People numb themselves, and it is a normal lifestyle to drink daily. There’s no awareness yet how these choices will later in life affect them. But any unhealthy lifestyle will catch up with you sooner than later. Often, the first signs show in your late thirties. And from there on it just goes down hill. Then Western medicine will be used to once more numb the effects of an abusive lifestyle you chose. More drugs will be consumed, this time just prescription drugs. And often, these lifestyle choices lead to chromic illnesses, premature aging, disasterous experiences of menopause, cancer, heart disease, and even death. But people continue to be oblivious. People continue to take for granted what’s really the biggest gift: their health! And once lost, people tell me they just want the disease to go away as if nothing happened. Nobody seems to want to look at themselves and ask themselves how they contributed to their misery. 

We must take responsibility for our choice. So next time you go out there to party don’t forget you won’t remain in your twenties forever. 

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