In general, this customer type is a rather pleasant experience. Most of these guys are single and long to have a girlfriend — and it will rather quickly reveal itself why they are single and possibly never had a long term girlfriend. But he’s here to experience his fantasy of the girlfriend scenario with you. This type will stare deeply into your eyes admiring your beauty and kindness. It’ll come across like you’re the only girl he has eyes for — which you’re not, you’re easily exchangeable with any girl that fits his fantasy theme. He will like to tell you about his childhood, meaningful vacations, about his hopes and dreams … he really wants you to get to know him. He will yearn to hold your hand and show affection like he would with his real girlfriend. He’s mostly very nice and respectful except for one little but very important flaw. Since he’s so caught up in the girlfriend-boyfriend experience he will most likely forget that you’re at work and are providing him with the service of fulfilling his fantasy. Therefore he will expect you to work for a minimal fee. He usually thinks one dance, two the most, has transformed your business relationship into a real life boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. He thinks now you’re in love with him— and to him that means free affection and sex from here on— and you will sit with him for hours, hold hands, and listen to his deep, to him meaningful rants about everything he thinks his girlfriend should know. The more he tells you about himself the closer he thinks you’re getting to meeting his mother. And here comes the awkward thing about him. He’s not even going to become a regular customer of yours, although, he will promise to come back next week. You will most likely never see him again, or maybe many months will pass till he comes back for another fix, since this guy isn’t actually capable of having a romantic relationship with a woman.

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