I am still shocked when these 80 year old trolls and ogres come up to me and think they have a chance with me. Once, they were a hot model, powerful producer, or writer, or just a very attractive, vibrant man with that look that could kill. And most likely women laid at their feet. But time has especially taken a toll on them with decades of partying, drug and alcohol abuse, and random sex …
When I check out their websites they actually were good looking, but they drank and partied themselves into disfigurement. You would think they would’ve humbled by now into their trollism. And this does not just apply to the trolls and ogres I meet at the club … I meet them outside of the club too. It seems these men are stuck thinking they are still who they were 50 years ago … they do not take responsibility for how they ran themselves down, nor do they see their own image in the mirror … Once conceited, always conceited …

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