Dancing is like a love-hate relationship. You love it so much you cannot imagine to quit but it can be also physically as well as emotionally exhausting. It is a tough profession. We dancers are often the punching bag of society. People go to the strip clubs to let lose, to be who they cannot be outside of the club, to get their fix, or to get a half naked therapist often without even thinking that we dancers are at work and should be appropriately reimbursed for the time we spend with a customer, the advice we give, or even just the patience we have to listen to them. Many customers feel entitled and think we are horny pole dancers who want to go home with them when our shift is over. But we are not. We are entertainers, sexy, sensual dancers, yet, often we are seen as sexually open minded, casual dates. 

If the majority of people who visit the strip club would just understand the profession of stripping it would change everything, but people are uninformed and uneducated and do not follow etiquette … sometimes, just because they can be rude …

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