Customers come and go. As a stripper you need to not attach and accept that nothing lasts forever in the human world. But some regular customers make a more dramatic exit than others. Most of them go through a pouting phase. From showing up regularly every week (or even two or three times a week) for many months or years they all of a sudden skip visits. Some will excuse it with long, complicated explanations — well, you know when explanations are too long and too interwoven that something’s fishy. Others will just not show up and eventually disappear forever. But the dramatic breakup ones are the interesting cases. There are many ways to break up with a stripper. Some threaten in their own ways. They keep mentioning that one day we will make love or have sex. When there’s no response or agreement from the stripper’s end they will try to offer shopping trips (of course the good old lingerie shopping trips, yawn), dinners, lunches, … anything to get you out of the club where you won’t be able to resist their sex appeal. But when you’re still able to resist all of this … then the real breakup appears. Some throw a fit, others claim that they are going through a different life phase and they might not visit anymore (keeping the door open in case they don’t manage to stay away — after all, for most of them we are the most exciting thing in their lives), and some do breakup as if we were dating seriously or are asking for a divorce.
While I understand that leaving your stripper can be traumatic, I still believe that most of these men are stuck in wishful thinking. Many of them are married or live with their partner. Many are looking for marriage, or at least think they are, till they get a girl who does want them till death do them part. Then these men will run and return to what we offer: Non-committal therapy and sensual excitement. But only that and not more. But the “not more” is most of the times what attracts them the most, however, most of them don’t know that, and they can get angry, since they feel they invested into something they will never own.

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