While I believe every woman should have a choice when it comes to birth control, I also believe that the pill as well as hormone replacement therapy are deadly and are setting women up — without educating them beforehand — to envlunter cancer and chronic diseases later in life that they would’ve never faced if they would’ve not taken synthetic hormones. 

Trump is an idiot, but the good think is, without any knowledge of him, he might force people to look into healthier alternatives. Most likely not the people that voted for him — they are obviously too stupid, but the ones that have a brain and suffer enough might stand a chance for a life changing epiphany. 

While birth control is important, it is also important that women change their thinking about sex as well as responsibilities in regards to pregnancy. It should not be one sided. You should never have unprotected sex unless you have a steady partner who gets tested regularly and you want to get pregnant. If he doesn’t care as much as you do about getting not pregnant you shouldn’t consider even having sex with him. Remember, trials about male birth control were interrupted because men had to many uncomfortable side effects …. Nobody ever considered the possibly deadly side effects when they prescribed you the pill! Women are just expected to put up with it. And only women can change this … Remember, the power of the pussy 😉 

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