Many people deal with emotional and physical issues the way modern medicine has brain washed us into dealing with it. You want to cut it off, take a pill for it to eliminate symptoms, find a way to numb yourself — with either prescription or recreational drugs and substances, or just not deal with it at all, thinking if you ignore it it’ll go away on its own. But this is the sure fire way to make a small issue snowball into a catastrophy or often life threatening disease. However, looking at the cause and root of the problem is often not an option. Everyone wants a quick fix, we can deal with it later. Usually, these long ignored issues resurface later in life (I see it often happening when people reach their 40s but it can get you earlier or later in life). That is when the shit really hits the fan. 

Conventional medicine and therapies are not evolved enough to look beyond the symptoms. If you want to achieve physical and mental wellbeing and health you will most likely face a long road of self-discovery and treatment that goes beyond taking a pill or two. The willingness to change and make an often uncomfortable integrative lifestyle change are only the first steps into healing. And it will take time. There’s no quick fix here. Often, it’ll take as long as you ignored yourself to reverse it. And the journey never ends. Because when you start digging deeper more shit comes up. Now a days, living healthy is a daily decision to fight against government provided sick care and malnutrition (as in making unhealthy choices and GMOs cheaper than real food). Being healthy means being a rebel against big pharma, big argricultrue, conventional nutrition, and most likely everything that promises you an easy way out. Being healthy is a big commitment to educate yourself daily, protect yourself, refuse to live cheaply and comfortably, and stand out as the freak who will look at health from many facets and angles. Be the rebel! You owe it to yourself. 

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